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GUEST POST: Life Lessons From Melissa Lombardo and 2 Potty Training Kids!

Our dear friend Melissa is such an inspiration to me. I have been thinking a lot lately about a little something I would like to do with this here lil' blog. I find so much inspiration from so many different people all the time. I wanted to find a way to share them here. Tomorrow I am going to show you just how that is going to happen. It will be fun and it will be a great way for all of you to share something that has inspired/motivated/influenced/made you laugh...whatever, with all of us!

Until then, I want to share a recent post of Melissa's with you! She is such a good Mom! Right now Melissa is potty training TWO kids at the same time! Seriously....EEK! We all know how "fun" potty training is, but few ever get the opportuntity to do it with 2 kids at once!

I LOVED this post because what started as a desperate attempt for success ended with a life lesson for all of us! Thanks for letting me share this with everyone Melissa! LOVE YA!

The long awaited post that I've been waiting to blog about is FINALLY here! Abigail, Nathan and I did a 3 day, intense potty training course, with MUCH success.  Seriously folks, I had my reservations, but I followed "the potty training queen" advice to a tee! I sent out an e-mail to family and some friends letting them know I would not be unavailable for the three days, both by phone and e-mail. I made arrangments for Hannah to get to school so I wouldn't have to leave the house for even a second. I got all the underwear required (20 - 30 pairs each), frozen dinners to whip out, treats, juice, stickers, name it, I was ready! First day, the diapers came off after they woke up. I had Nathan and Abby throw away ALL diapers left in our house. Showed them their new underwear, then introduced them to their new spot to use the potty.

We spent a lot of time in here. Their sticker charts started out like this.

Actually, I was impressed that there was not ONE accident in their underwear this day at all. Too good to be true. But then when the night came and there was no more diapers, I thought for sure we were in for a long night with two kids waking up wet. You guessed it, Nathan was totally dry all night. Abby, not so much. I don't think she wet herself though until that morning.

Day 2: same as day 1. They both did great! Can this really be happening, I thought. However, neither of them had pooped yet, so I was just waiting for it. Night came, still no poop. They went to bed. They both woke up wet. Darn! By the third day, they had it down. (the pee part atleast).

 I'll spare you all the details of #2, but lets just say, Nathan gets it and Abby is still going to really need some practice, but overall.....I just can't believe it! We are OUT of diapers!

So, I entitled this post "In Training" because I learned some really interesting things about myself these last 3 days. There wasn't a second (and I mean a second) that I wasn't with both Abby and Nathan. I abandoned all the "things" I normally do in a day so I could put all my attention on them.

And do you know what? They loved it and so did I. We read books together, watched movies, folded laundry together, made snacks, colored, and spent a lot of time in the bathroom. There was much cheering and praising in these 3 days. Nathan was the best behaved he has EVER been. He didn't get in trouble for anything. He cuddled with me during the movies. He was nice to Abigail. His only melt down was when he didn't quite make it to the toilet for #2 and he was devastated because there was a very special reward for getting this one down, and he really wanted it. I just loved spending so much "time" with my kids like this. I realized that I spend/waste a lot of time doing things that I have thought were necessary when in reality, their not. My house was never so clean then these 3 days because we cleaned together. I never realized just how much work I do without my kids only to realize that while I'm cleaning they are making a huge mess somewhere else, so my work never seems done. Plus, not being on the computer was really hard for me. I must be glued to this sucker, because I really did miss it, but I realize that I am on this thing WAY. TOO. MUCH! and way more than I thought. I also found that I LOVE "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Toy Story 3". I never got sick of watching those 2 movies and the best part was having Nathan and Abby cuddled right into me. I thought I might be sad to have both my babies potty train because somehow that means they are no longer babies right? But I have to admit not one tear was shed seeing that last trash can of stinky diapers in the garage being thrown away. Hoo-Ray!

So, because they did so well, we had to have a celebration. I invited a few of Nathan and Abby's friends over for cake and to play, 'Hungry hungry Hippos" with us. (Nathan's big reward).
I let Nate and Abby decorate their cake and pre-warned all who ate it that it was deffinately not sanitary since I really let them do whatever (like lick over and over again the frosting as they frosted).

 I did a little jig to show my true excitement of this monumental moment in our families life.

Let the games begin!

There was lots of hugs and kisses being spread around to these two

And their charts quickly filled up by the 3rd day

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