Monday, April 30, 2012

FHE: Flying High by Keeping the Commandments

This was SUCH a fun FHE! I heard this analogy once a long time ago and thought an object lesson was definitely in order! This lesson carries such a HUGE impact and really helps the kids understand the role rules and commandments play in our lives! 

To start, we gathered the children around as we flew one kite. 

We asked, "What are some of the commandments or rules in the gospel?" They listed some and we added here and there. 

Then we asked, "What are some of the rules in our home?" They listed and we helped again. 

Then we asked what the kids thought would happen if we were to cut the string on the kite. They all responded, "It will fly away!" 

Then we cut the string, with plenty of gasps from the kids. The kite immediately plummeted to the ground! 

We then talked about how the rules and commandments are a lot like the string of the kite. We may feel, at times, that they are holding us down, or restricting us. However, they are actually what holds us up and gives us the ability to accomplish the things we want to do in life. 

We then discussed a few of our commandments, and/or rules, and how they might help us. 

For Example: 
Word of Wisdom = A life free of addiction. Helps us have a healthy body, smart mind, etc. 
Law of Chastity = Protects us from disease, prevents teenage pregnancy, unnecessary heartache, etc. 
Being Honest = Helps protect us from stress and troubles that come in relationships or with the law. 
Daily Chores = Keeps our home clean and helps us have order and be able to feel the spirit in our home. 
Speak Kindly = Helps us have stronger happier relationships. 
.....and so on. 

We brought up rules in our home or certain commandments and asked the kids to come up with a reason why they would be good for us. Having them come up with them really helps them learn to think this way about these things in their lives. It helped us all to see how important these guidelines are in helping us live a fuller life, and actually showed us how freeing rules and commandments can be! 

We talked about.....

"I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." 

When we follow the rules the Lord has set for us He is "bound" to keep the promises He has made. He has promised to give us ALL that He has! And He will!

Then, of course, we ended the night with the activity of a whole lot of kite flying! Kite Flying with a whole new perspective! 


Brian and Kayla said...

Love it!

Tracy said...

This is EXCELLENT!! Thanks for the idea!!


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