Sunday, April 8, 2012

Because of this.....

My Savior knows exactly how my heart has ached over my weakness and my struggles. Only He knows, and has felt, how my heart has ached for the loss of my sweet son. 


My Savior made it possible for me to receive forgiveness for my sins. He made it possible for me to be worthy of the sweet sweet husband I have, and the opportunity to be sealed to him for eternity! He made it possible for me to be worthy to be a mother to my children, and to have the opportunity to be a mother to one of His most choice and sweet spirits. 


My son will be with us in the flesh again! His body will be new and unbroken, and by the power of the holy priesthood, my husband will call our Dawson from his grave, when Christ comes again, and I will have the opportunity to continue raising him where we left off, only this time his body will be perfect! 

Today, the blessings in our lives, because of our Savior, are fresh in our minds. We have a personal connection to the blessing of the Resurrection, as so many do. The realness of this sacred blessing and the way we depend upon it brings new gratitude for the celebration of Easter. 

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to make the Atonement more personal! There are a million things I could list under all the pictures above. We all could! What could you put under each one? What does the Savior mean to you personally? You don't have to share, or you totally can, cause I would love to hear it. I just hope that we all take time to reflect on our personal relationship with the Savior today...and everyday! 



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