Thursday, June 10, 2010

Floor to Ceiling Clean: BEDROOMS

How is it all going so far?! Are you loving the results of the Floor to Ceiling clean?! I am hearing good things
from so many of you! I am so glad! I really love hearing from you!
So let's get cracking on the bedrooms in the house, shall we?
 For some reason this is one of the hardest place to "purge". Don't be afraid! You will love the result! Just be honest with yourself in the answers to "Do I REALLY need this?", "Do I use this?", "Will I ever use it?" type questions and you will be well on your way to a clutter-free bedroom! Remember, it's just STUFF. Stuff is always replaceable!

  1. Remember when we did the Toys? Well, the bed room gets the same treatment. Anything under the bed, in the closet, etc. that is not clothing goes in organized bins. Go get your self a labeler and some cute bins and go to town! Toss the stuff that you don't need to keep, and by toss, I mean DI or another second hand store.
  2. Go through the clothes in your closet and drawers. Really, how much of it do you pass up day after day and your not sure if you will EVER really wear it. TOSS IT!
  3. Those who have visited my closet know that I also sort my hubby's clothes and mine by using different color hangers. His are all blue hangers and mine are all white. Then the clothes are organized according to color....I know....a little OCDish RIGHT?! Well, try it once and you will never go back! :)

  1. Wipe down all shelves, drawers (inside and out), walls & baseboards
  2. Break out your furniture polish and wipe down all of the furniture. This is what really makes the difference. You will be glad you did it. 
  3. Wash all light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc. 
  4. Pull furniture away from the wall and clean underneath and behind EVERYTHING! 
  5. Wash curtains and/or clean the blinds. Use the dusting tool on your vacuum to get the loose dust off the blinds. Wipe down spots that need extra attention, or take the blinds down and hose them off outside. This won't always be enough. Use a warm soapy rag to wipe the spots clean. Let them air dry. 
  6. Wash all the windows.
  7. Vacuum using that sweet little "get into the edges tool" for around the baseboards. 
If you need details on how I quickly clean walls, etc. you can refresh by going HERE, or click on the "Floor To Ceiling Clean" link under labels on the right hand side of the screen.   

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