Friday, June 11, 2010

Creative Trash Cans?! Oh yes! Guest Post from Michelle Alberti

If you can get creative with it, Michelle will find a way! Everyone that knows Michelle knows that everything she touches turns to gold! Even Trash Cans! :) Check this out......

What's the deal with burlap's funky smell?

If anyone can answer that one, I'd appreciate it.
Somehow it always seems to have a...well...odor...about it.
A kind of petroleum, dieselish smell if you will.
In spite of this, I am quite taken with its textural quality. I think of ruddy cheeked French peasants when I see it and it makes me want to make
garbage can liners
out of it.

Wait a minute, garbage can liners?

garbage can liners.

Beautiful, embellished, flowered garbage can liners.

Don't try to understand it.
Just go with it.

Oh yeah, and towel holders.

I can't help myself.
It's a sickness.

Ok, I am all over these! Love them! To see more from Michelle, check HERE.



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