Tuesday, June 8, 2010


By: Amy Lindstrom

{Brooke & Her Hubby}

SPEAKING OF BROOKE……(after last weeks craft)

A few years ago my friend Carrie told me that I MUST check out her friends blog. I did. I loved it. I couldn’t get enough. Every single time I read a post of Brooke’s I left feeling like I wanted to be a better Mom and friend. Then she announced she was going to go private. If we wanted in, well, then we had to fess up to blog-stalking and turn over our email address so we could be included on her list of readers. I confessed. She accepted. I was happy.

Since then Brooke and I have gotten to know each other better. Still, we have not met in person, but it seems that doesn’t matter to either one of us, other than the fact that one day we would like to officially meet, only so we can confirm that we would still be fantastic friends! :)

Brooke is amazing! She personifies, in my opinion and likely the opinion of any that know her, what the perfect Mother is. She has 4 beautiful little girls and is expecting her 5th child...a boy! She is always doing such fun things with her girls. She takes special care to be sure that every holiday or occasion is extra special. I remember a post from last year about her oldest daughters first day of school. Lucky Charms for breakfast, to give extra luck on the first day. Everyone in tow, along with her friend and her kids, to cheer her daughter on as she got on the bus and then race to the school so they can cheer her off the bus! Then her favorite treats and favorite dinner after school. THIS is the type of Mother she is. Taking every opportunity to make an event special. The result….confidence and a true sense of self. You can see it in the girls’ faces. I love that! She has taught them kindness and love, service and creativity. Their lives reflect these teachings. They will continue to reflect it. They will be mothers like she is, because she is good. Really GOOD!

I am grateful for the day that Carrie shared Brooke with me. I am grateful for my sweet friend Brooke. I am grateful for her example of really finding the JOY in Motherhood and I am grateful that I always come away from a peek into her day to day feeling inspired to be better!

Love Ya Brooke!

Now ladies, I need your help…..I would love so much if you would send me a post, with a picture if you have one, of a woman that inspires you. Really, I would! Please do! Email it to me at yourlifeuncommon@gmail.com. They will be posted, in the order received, on Tuesdays. Thank you so very much! ~Amy


Tracey said...

Oh my goodness, now I want to read Brooke's blog too!! :0)

[BrookeO] said...

Wow! Thank you is all I can say and really none of it is true. I'm barely hanging on.......

You rock my world, you know that don't you?!!!

Janna said...

This was the craziest thing - I was on LIttle LDS Ideas, where I saw your button and thought I would check your blog out. When I scrolled down, there is a picture of my SIL, Brooke. Funny, huh? Anyway, great job on her, she really is amazing - inspires me all the time. Thanks for spotlighting her, it was fun to find.

Norris Fam said...

I'm going to be Brooke in my next life :)


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