Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time for A Little Endorphine Releasing Lymphatic Massage, People!

Have you ever heard of LAUGHTER YOGA? No? Well, check this out.

I LOVE to laugh! I laugh all the darn time! I love to make my hubby laugh and I love that he ALWAYS makes me laugh. My favorite sound in the WORLD is the sound of my kids laughing!

My friend Jeni found a Laughter Yoga class and I SO wanted to go with her. As it is, we are a few weeks from ONE GINORMOUS downpayment on our new home. The budget is TIGHT! Real TIGHT! So I had to forego! I was so sad! I think Laughter Yoga with Jeni would be one of the funnest experiences EVER! Probably because we both could sit for hours with each other and bust up over everything! I love that about her!

She just posted about her experience in the class. I really loved it! Wanna read it? CLICK HERE. Now THAT sheds a little light on why laughter is so darn good and makes you want to try to laugh a little more, doesn't it?!

Well, I am here to provide! Let the endorphine releasing & lymphatic massage begin!

There is nothing like a laugh that makes you laugh harder, which makes them laugh harder, which makes YOU laugh harder! LOVE THIS! The guy in the middle KILLS me!

And now for the 14 year old boy in me. I don't know why, but these totally crack me up! :)

Alright, now get back to your day, and for the love of Pete, laugh a bit more, would ya?! :)

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Just Us said...

Amy, I wish you would of come with me. Another time right?
When I was pregnant with Shayne I saw that first video for the first time. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Not just a regular cry but an ugly laugh/cry. Carrie called me as I was watching it and I could barely talk. She thought something was really wrong with me. Nope, just watching that cute old man in the middle. That is one of my all time favorite video clips. Thanks for reminding me.


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