Thursday, September 22, 2011

The perfect "MOTHERBOARD" for smaller spaces!

My kids start school next week....FINALLY! Not because I want their sweet little mugs gone from my side, but ORDER! I want ORDER at my side...desperately.

This Summer will easily go down as one of the most fun and most relaxed Summers of all time. We had so much fun in our fact, so much I can't bear the thought of leaving it for the Winter. Another battle for another day. A day when I decide to go looking for another option. For now...I AM FIGHTING IT!

So you all know about my MOTHERBOARD right?! Needless to say, the darling things didn't fit on the walls of the ole RV. BUMMER! My kids went chore-less for a Summer...DOUBLE BUMMER! Really, I can see the difference in the little turkeys. Not just the excessive messiness, but also in the attitude a bit. Work is good for kids...and don't let them tell you any different! :) Hahaha!

So, today I begin work on these lovely beauties. My friend Michelle, a woman of MUCH talent (I want to be her when I grow up), the mother of the wise Stockton that made the statement "I would rather have a small house and a big life, than a big house and a small life", is the maker of such fine ideas. I love them! I love that they are way functional and take up a very small amount of space even more! Check them out.....

Ladies and GentlemAn (for my one male reader) the job clipboards......

How is that for combining a Family Home Evening and Chore Chart for the whole family, all into one little clip board! I told you she is amazing!

A pocket for each person. An interchangable tag for each job!

I LOVE those cute little clothes pins!

As a reminder , a little something to think about while grumbling about the jobs mom "MAKES" you do.

And of course embellishments to make Mom happy!

I can't wait to get mine done! The kids can wait....but who asked them?! :)

Next week Mallory is my buddy for half days. She starts her first year of "real" preschool this year. The next week she continues in the afternoon with her Developmental Preschool. The one she has been in for 2 years. The one where her therapists and teachers can't get enough of her. The one where SHE rules the school! Morning Preschool, then afternoon monarchy!

Which leaves me to RULE the house/trailer/whatever is next. Yes my friends...I will be on my own Mon-Fri from 8am - almost 3pm. YIKES! What shall I do with myself?!


M. Bagley said...

Very clever!! Thanks for sharing I can't wait to do my own now!

Michelle said...

So fun to check in on you Amy and see my little project on your blog. Now, when I figure out the secret to getting everyone to actually DO the chores listed on our chore chart, I'll let ya know! By the way, did you get my package? Hope life is sweet for you and you're enjoying the last few days of summer.

The Johnson Family said...

I love LOVE reading your blogs :) Love the mother board! always, I LOVE you!


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