Monday, March 21, 2011

A RE-Defining Moment

What exactly is YLU? This seems to be the question I have been asking myself lately, all the darn time. Problem, I can answer that question, for myself, but sometimes I feel like I am not pushing through it enough to get it on this blog. It feels a whole lot more like Life Common more often than not.

Everyone of us can, based on our own life experiences, define what our personal “Life Uncommon” would look like. Because it is different for all of us.

I’m about to speak boldly. Brace yourself.

Whether you believe what I do religiously or not, this is something I KNOW applies to all of us`. Where ever this life has taken us, whatever our life experiences have been, whether you believe it, know it, or not, we are ALL spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

We are literal children of a loving Father in Heaven. Our Father in Heaven IS the God of all creation. That creation extends beyond everything we are able to comprehend. And yet his greatest creation is US! As great as He is, as glorious and all powerful, He also possess a love that is beyond anything we are able to feel for anyone else or fully comprehend. It is overpowering and consuming! In moments over the last 5 years I have felt that love. That experience has taught me that if we could feel that love constantly, there would be no test in this life. It is so sweet, so good, so real….although we don’t feel it all the time, it IS there all the time! Unconditionally. Because of His love for us He created a Plan. The end result….He wants to give us EVERYTHING He has. He wants us to succeed and return home to him so badly that he provided the most perfect way He could for us to make it back. He sent His son, Jehovah, to set the perfect pattern and example of the way we should treat each other and use our agency, while we are on this mission, and then to show His love for us and our Fathers, He would perform the Atonement. Experiencing our sorrows, pains & suffering in Gethsemane, so he would know how to succor us. Dying for us, through the crucifixion, to pay the price of our sins and guarantee the salvation of those that die before they reach the age of accountability (8), like my Dawson.

The crowning moment would come 3 days later, when to top all of this off, Christ would give us the gift of Resurrection, through his own! Because of His power to overcome death, we all will have the same opportunity! I remember the power of that impressing me SO much while dressing our little Dawson’s body in his white suit. It was a sacred moment. We were preparing him for the moment we would be together again in our physical bodies. It was beautiful and the greatest gift and comfort I could imagine. I cannot quite comprehend what that moment will be like, but I KNOW that it will happen and Oh, it will be beautiful! Gratitude knows no bounds when I think of this gift!

The reason why I went into all that is because if this is all true, which I know it is, without doubt, then aren’t we all here for a purpose?! We are! We have all individually been sent with a purpose and a mission to perform. We believed in that purpose and I don’t doubt that we all left our Heavenly home with conviction and a desire to do ANYTHING required. We could do it!

Then we get here……

Oh the distractions! We can get so tripped up, can’t we?! Sometimes, even with what I know, I am amazed at how off course I can get. It frustrates me!

Your Life Uncommon is ever changing in many ways, but it will ALWAYS be about spirituality. How could it not be?! I feel a constant passion in my gut for sharing what I know about who we are! That will never stop. Oh, this life can trip us up and we can get lost, but I have such a fire for wanting people to remember who they are and find hope, pick back up and keep moving forward.

I have to say that I always worry about posting a lot of spiritual because I worry about sending out a “preachy” vibe or an idea that I am perfect and do everything right, all the time. Oh, if only you knew! I struggle. Even with all I know. My faith never wavers, because thanks to my son, I know exactly what is waiting for me when this life is over! And I know that this life is temporary, the goodness that waits is Eternal! NOT the misery, but the joy! I get really down sometimes. I go through funks where I seem to get stuck a bit. I have way too many weaknesses, but I am a work in progress! I have to dig deep and draw from what I know, pray a whole lot and I get back on track. Discouragement is not a feeling we get from the Lord, so I shake it off and keep moving forward.

There is a little something about me. When I find something I LOVE, I can’t keep it to myself! I totally want everyone else to know about it! Sometimes I read something or have a conversation with someone or see something that gets my wheels turning. I need an outlet. That is what this blog is all about for me personally! There are a lot of thoughts that make me feel “Oooo! I have to post about this”. There are SO many of those floating around in my head! I can’t wait to finally get them out! No more worries about being “preachy” or feeling like I am putting out false perceptions of me being totally perfect all the time….we are friends, you know my imperfections and you still love me right?! J

That is the best part of true friends! I have learned that NOT posting things that I “feel” I should, leaves me feeling like I am not living up to this opportunity! There are a lot of people reading this blog. There are SO many of you that email me your inspirational stories. They mean more to me than you will ever know! I mean, really….THANK YOU!

By not posting things because I am worried about what others will think, is diminishing the purpose of this blog. I’m not going to do that anymore. You will just get what I think and feel, and as always, your comments, emails, shared angles or differing opinions are more than appreciated! I love learning from your life experiences!


Anonymous said...

I Love You!

Juber Family said...

Thanks for posting this :)

Just Us said...

You are such an inspiration to me. I was thinking today that conversations with you are the best. No wonder we can go on for 90 plus minutes. I don't want to hang up. You provide me with laughter, inspiration and I always feel the spirit when I talk to you. Always. I love you friend.

shari said...

Love reading your posts..and from your heart is always the best, You are one of the big reasons I am inspired to follow my heart..:)


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