Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From Challenging Mortal Experiences to The Sweetest Blessings......

I seriously can't stop reading THIS post!

 I have had it open in my browser for a few days and I just read it and re-read it. Michelle is a good friend of mine and really helped me in so many ways, with Dawsons passing. She is amazing! She had walked the same path before, when she lost one of her children, and she knew exactly what to say to me. She still does. She is years ahead of me on this journey of grief, but it is a comfort to me that I can call on her ANYTIME and tell her ANYTHING and she will know just what I mean and what to say!

Anyone that knows Michelle, loves Michelle! Read the post, you will totally see why!

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Ann T. said...

What a beautiful, from the heart post. She seems like a wonderful person and I am glad she has been such a mentor for you.
Give me a call some time. We are still in the book.


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