Monday, March 14, 2011

A Time For Faith

What a week last week was!

It is interesting how fast life can turn upside down!

In our family we are getting a good dose of lessons on the power of prayers and fasting. It is interesting to go on living your life taking for granted that everyone in your family is healthy and doing pretty darn good. Then one day a call comes that spins your head around so fast you can't see straight.

(Clint & his Family) 

My older brother was in the hospital, really really sick. Next call was that he was in ICU. Man, this was more than just a flu (which is what it started as). Over the next couple of days this flu would increase and the phone calls would include updates on his sepsis, failing kidneys & liver, a spleen that was shot, brain bleeds caused by infection and a scheduled open heart surgery to remove an infected aortic valve.

The reality of losing my brother was overwhelming. I was not allowed to see him while he was in ICU for a while. The night before his surgery Ryan went to help my Dad give him a priesthood blessing. I got to see him then. It broke my heart! The infection and degree of illness left him exhausted and a bit unable to hold conversation.

I stood there looking at him and the love and respect I have for him overwhelmed me. There were a lot of sacred feelings that I had that night in that room with him. Clint has meant so much to me throughout my life. I remember that while he was on his mission my life was certainly as far from where I should have been as it could be. I was not making great choices. It was the thought of Clint and my desire to not disappoint him that played a big role in the beginning of my repentance process. When he got home we got really close. He taught me some of the most important lessons about the gospel. He was always an example of faith to me. I looked up to him my whole life. He really is someone quite amazing! It was difficult to see him struggle so much this way. That night I prayed for his life harder than I have prayed for a long time. There is more to learn from him, for all of us.

The next day some of us gathered at the hospital waiting room. The scheduled 5 1/2 hour long surgery turned into only a 3 hour surgery! We were so relieved! He made it through!

There is a long recovery in store for Clint. His amazing wife Abby is a blessing to him and all of us! She takes care of our brother so well. We couldn't be more grateful! I look forward to the opportunity of helping in his recovery. It will be a long process and I am sure there will be a lot of praying involved.

I am thankful once again for an opportunity in life that requires us to depend fully upon the Lord. We have prayed and fasted over and over. Clint has felt strength from the prayers offered on his behalf. It is amazing how this experience has served to strengthen the testimonies of everyone that knows and loves him!

We are all here for you Clint! We love you SO very much!

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MyR said...

As much as I miss you I am SO GLAD you are able to be there close to your family. They are lucky to have you there during this hard time. Good luck to ALL of you through the long healing. LOVE you!


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