Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On My Mind.......

I can’t stop thinking about everything going on with this earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
A few things I can’t get off my mind:

This world is in commotion. Everything seems like WAY out of wack. Wars & Natural Disasters….and
so much more. What are we supposed to learn from all of this?

I’ve been a little stressed lately. This whole thing makes me think about the weight we give our stress. The day before….even 15 min. before the earthquake there were people that possibly had a bit of stress. Maybe things seemed completely overwhelming to someone. Maybe it was financial, maybe with work. Who knows. Then the earthquake and everything that came with it. Man, talk about perspective. Suddenly all of those stresses don’t mean a darn thing. It made me think about the weight I give my stress. I mean, there are things that need to be handled, sure, but when I turn it to stress, what a waste of energy! Especially with this sort of perspective!

The other day I was praying for some of the things we need a bit of help with. They are small in comparison to what is going on in Japan. Yet, Saturday an obvious answer and blessing came. It saved our day. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about our Father in Heaven. He is watchful and ever present in the world. He is aware of the big things and the individual feelings of all of the people involved. He is over the world as a whole, and over the different regions of the world individually, over each section big and small. He is constantly aware & involved in all the big things and then, he is aware of each one of us personally. Our thoughts, worries, struggles, joys, he knows us each totally. While people in Japan were surely praying for some major things, while so much is going on over there and his hand is there…he is still completely aware of me. I never have to wait in line. Nobody ever does. We may have to wait for his appropriate timing, but that doesn’t mean we are alone until then, it means that he will be with us constantly, still. Isn’t that amazing?! So far beyond my comprehension. But it teaches me more how much the Lord loves each one of us. With so much going on in the world. Things that are WAY bigger than my current needs, and yet, he still makes it known that he knows me and hears me. I love that!

Tomorrow, everything in our lives could change just like that. It is a lesson to me in priorities. I daresay that in that moment the possessions in the world, or the amount of money you have or had, does not matter a bit. I imagine that family was the first thing on everybody’s mind. Where are they? Are they safe? How can I get to them? Makes me want to take the opportunities I have now to make sure that I treasure my loved ones far above any earthly thing.

What are your thoughts? Anything been tugging at you a bit? I would love to hear your perspective!


Lombardo Family said...

So well said Amy. I too have been thinking so much of Japan. I keep having tears swell up as I think of my petty concerns in comparison. So much can be learned from what has happened. We (my family) are about to embark on a mighty change in our lives. It's exciting, it's scary, it's necessary, and it's most deffinately uncertain, but what are we in this life without a little risk, whithout a little faith, without a little more leaning on the Lord? Oh this life is good. It is oh so good! despite all the bad.

shari said...

My thoughts exactly!!


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