Thursday, February 3, 2011

POTW HIGHLIGHTS: Job Balls, Bread & Plaques!

Last Friday's first ever Post of the Week was great! Thanks so much to all you that contributed! I got to read some fabulous posts! Now I get to share with you a few of my favorites and then encourage you all to go back to HERE to read the rest of them! Check them all out and if you like, let them know who sent ya! :)

Don't forget to share some of your faves from this week on tomorrow's "Post of the Week"! It is super easy!

    This one comes from NieNie is hard to find a more inspirational woman! Love her!
         We are always on a quest to find ways to "encourage" our kids to do jobs around the house!
           THIS is a fabulous idea! In fact, I am certain I will be adding it to our job charts!

       This one comes from MyR Made (mermaid). Oh, if there is one thing I want to master in this life it is
        the fine art of bread making. Strange, considering I really don't like the stuff. That being said, I happen
        to know the tutor of this bread making extravaganza, and she has sworn to make me like bread. She
        makes a seriously AMAZING Hawaiian Bread! I mean, I REALLY liked it! Maybe we should BEG
       and plead with her to do a tutorial on it! We should! For now, we can all feel better knowing that the
        master of bread making has shared her secrets with us HERE. Enjoy! I know my family will! 

     This one comes to us from Somewhere In Craftland. A new blog for me! What I see, I LIKE!
       Especially this fabulous idea! I am all over this! I love giving a visual focus for goals! 
                       Putting the years Jake will be on his mission will be so great for him to see!
                                                 (And alarming for me, I am sure!)
                                    This is FOR SURE going on my "crafts to make" list!


MyR said...

My Hawaiian Bread recipe is already on the MyRmade blog! You can use the Wheat Bread tutorial for the details for what to watch for with the yeast and flour. TRY IT! :D

Gear Gang said...

I like that plaque. What a great way to keep your kids focused on thier goal of being a missionary each morning they leave thier home.


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