Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hilarious Example of the Power of Influence

Over this last weekend I got to go to an amazing little conference with my Mom and 2 of my sisters. I will share more about the conference later. But I just had to share this hilarious video.

Sheri Dew was one of the speakers. This is one of the clips she showed. So very funny, but it also comes with a thought. Influence is an extremely powerful tool. Think about it as you watch this, it will totally give you something to ponder for the day......

1. Who or what are we influenced by? Is it a good thing, or does it need to change? What can you do to
     change it?

2. Who do you influence? Are you a good influence, or does something need to change?
       Sheri and her friend, Wendy Watson Nelson, both suggested that we influence so many more people
       than we can even imagine. When we are mothers that number increases even more. Our influence goes
       beyond just our children, but reaches to those that our children are able to reach, and our childrens
       children and so on. Pretty humbling really.


Ann T. said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing

Lombardo Family said...

wow Amy, pretty impressive really. amazing to realize just how much we are influenced and vice versa.


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