Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My Mom had this AMAZING knack of making every single Holiday and our Birthdays totally memorable! She created some super fun traditions. They made us feel special and loved. She was SO good at it!

I am thinking this morning about how exicted I am for Valentines Day! Before I was married, I woke up each Valentines Day to a GINORMOUS, I am talking Baking sheet sized, Sugar Cookie with my name on it! Our special Valentine from Mom! We loved it! I love re-creating these traditions for my kids! Although my decorating ability leaves much to be desired, unlike my Mothers crazy amazing knack of getting it JUST RIGHT, I am hoping my kids will be delighted when they wake up to this......

These were from a couple of years ago. The "My Sweet Prince" was totally an inside joke between my sister Lisa and I. I DO NOT call my hubby "Sweet Prince", "Lovey Man" yes! "My Sweet Prince", um NO WAY!  

Looking at these pictures reminded me of the Valentines Day the year I made these. I had a lunch at my house for a bunch of friends.

I am missing all of those girlies today!
(The lovely tulips were courtesy of my FAB Hubby! Beautiful, aren't they! I LOVE Tulips!)

I made these yummy sandwiches for the girls (they included Red Peppers and Pineapple! Not kidding when I say YUM!)......

And of course these for dessert! Words that described the friendship I have with my dear dear friends in Sun Valley!

Looking at all of this also made me remember what my hubby was doing an hour before this lunch! He actually had to rent one of these little Bobcats to clear the snow so my friends would have a place to park! That was the year of the 6 feet of snow on the ground. We could wake up to a new couple of feet in the morning! I both miss and TOTALLY DON'T miss that! Let's just say my count down to Spring is coming 3 months earlier in Utah! :) And that is A.OK with me!

So, let's hear em! What are your favorite Valentines Traditions? Do you have any? Do you avoid the very idea of the day or is it one of your favorites?


Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

I'm in the "my sweet prince" joke :) You must have forgotten telling me :)

Gear Gang said...

Aw!! Yes, the giant cookies. I need to muster up some energy to make those for V-day! I can't believe it is already here.

Amy said...

Courtney, I am glad you are in on the joke! :) I did forget telling you, but seriously. Pretty darn funny! You know what would be even more funny?! You should totally start calling Kevin "My Sweet Prince"! Hahaha! Can you imagine?! I think it would make him feel like you are mocking him or something. This totally reminds me of the drafts/giraffes convo! TOO FUNNY! You gotta love Kevin! :)

MyR said...

Giant sugar cookies are a MUST! I made one for Chris our first <3 day being married and have every year since. I have to make mine early this year though. (YAY FOR OUR ARIZONA TRIP!!!)

I always seem to dip something in chocolate. Cookies, rice crispy, treats, gummy candies, marshmallows, pretzels....or all of the above. This year I made homemade Take 5 complete with pretzels, caramel and peanut butter dipped in chocolate. YUM!!! Wish I could bring some to you. MISS YOU!!!

Just Us said...

I love decorating my girls room with tons of cut out hearts. Usually on the door to their room I put a gigantic heart and it says "Sammi and Maci I love you because..." and then when they enter their room it is covered with hearts with the reasons I love them written on the hearts. They love it and so do I.


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