Monday, February 7, 2011

The Role of Motherhood

When I was at a conference last week there was a talk about the world putting down the role of Motherhood. Mind you, the woman speaking has never had the opportunity to have any children. She is now 57 and will not have the chance to be a mother. I don't think I have met a more passionate advocate for the value of women, especially in the role of Mothering children.

Think about it. The amount of influence for good you can have in this world is multiplied greatly by raising children with strong moral character. She spoke of the lives each of us can influence on our own. Thousands. Whether you know it or not. Thousands. Then take that number and multiply it for each child you raise. The role of Motherhood is HUGE!

One thing that she brought up during her talk is the way the world tends to portray the role of motherhood as something that is second rate or undesirable. Maybe that it is something that holds you back from all the good things in life.

Granted it is not the rule, but man, more and more you can see it, can't you?

The other night Ryan and I were watching something on TV. I didn't see this commercial the first time, but the stork part really bothered Ryan. No way to the stork, but Ooooo, Paris! When I watched it, I totally got what he meant.

Watch This.........

I totally get that there are times when we are ready to have kids, and times when we are not. And I get that there are somethings we can't do at times in our lives when we have little ones. I just don't know. There was something about this commercial that just bugs.

Did you get the same feeling? Thoughts?


Nikki said...

Totally bugged! I am thankful for birth control and there is a definite need for it, but this commercial wasn't showing a bunch of premiscuous teens, it is grown, mature women who are only thinking of themselves. That is the last thing on earth we need, is for this generation to be MORE selfish.

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

Well, women of all ages need the opportunity to not get pregnant if that's the right thing. I think the thing that bothers me most about it is replacing a state of being, motherhood, with with things you purchase... like a house, trip to Paris, etc. It's two totally different things, so it's not really comparable in my mind. Also, leading people to think that if you don't have kids, you get more "stuff"... even though technically, it is true (kids cost money, it's a fact). I guess I would feel better if it showed some happy moms. The other commercial for this brand shows a mom who is annoyed with her kids, so she doesn't want more. Please, we all get annoyed, but that's not part of my decision not to have kids at all. It's rather insensitive to those who have problems having kids and would LOVE to have a child, even if they did knock stuff over at the grocery store.

Alea said...

Wow. I definately agree. This commercial makes motherhood look like a jail sentence! I mean, right now my baby thinks it's fun to make art on the coffe table with the milk from her bottle... But now she just started playing a game of peek-a-boo with me and her giggles are far better than a trip to Paris, or (for me) cheering at Boise State, or even a Bachelor's Degree (which I WILL get eventually, it will just take a bit more effort now). How empty is life without family? How completely miserable are people that care about no one but themselves?

I am so grateful that I know exactly where to find joy & happiness in this life and that I don't have to look for it in Paris, or big houses, or work, or any of those things that that commercial implied!

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

Good points you guys!

Courtney, I totally agree about showing happy moms. I would be TOTALLY annoyed at the concept in the BC ad you mentioned! Seriously?! Totally proves the whole point of this post, I guess.

The other thing is that it is just a woman walking around shopping for the man of the week, etc. Maybe the vibe would be different if it was a couple and there was a positive play on parenting.


Lombardo Family said...

Wow Amy! That is pretty telling of the world we live in isn't it. I especially was disturbed by the lady "buying" the house as if to imply, "if you want children, you can kiss your dream home goodbye". How very sad is that. I wonder what those people will fill that empty house up with if they don't want children? I'd rather my dirty house any day than an empty one. Thanks for sharing.

Bye the way, it's go time for our little reunion don't you think?

Ryan said...

Yes Melv, I believe it is...but not at our place. Too many Grandma-ish items to break(our kids have already started). If we could come over and trash your house, then come back home to our nice clean house, I think that would be best. You ladies work out the details.


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