Thursday, October 14, 2010

"What's the WORST That Could Happen?"

Amanda Dickson spoke to us at Time Out. I LOVED HER! She was HIL-ARIOUS!

One of the things I loved most about her was her opinion on seeing things in a positive light. She talked about being pregnant at an older age and worrying about "the WORST thing that could happen".

Then her son was born. Everything she worried about had happened. He had a lot of "disabilities" to deal with. And the worst thing that could happen turned into the BEST thing that could happen.

You know I would totally love that! I believe that with my whole heart! What was the worst thing that could happen when my Twins were born....well, pretty much all of it and then some happened. However, the "worst" thing has become the most beautiful thing! EVEN after having him pass away. Hard, yes. But the fruits of such experiences can be beautiful, if we allow them to be!

She talked about how change brings an amazing energy into our life. How even a simple change can make all the difference. She said, "If you are feeling low, change something. If you don't have plans, get some. If you have some, cancel them. JUST CHANGE."

When we fall into routine we tend to arrive at our destination without really realizing just how we got there, because it is so automatic to us. If we change it up, even the way to drive to work, etc., it shifts energy in your life and causes you to be more aware.

Amanda is not a member of the LDS church. However, she talked about how amazing she thinks it is that in our church we have and are Visiting Teachers. She said, "How cool is it that you are assigned to love someone?! Maybe someone that hasn't been loved by anyone else and needs your love." I really loved that she was so passionate about belonging to an organization where you are "assigned" to look out for and love each other. :)

She ended by telling us to remember that "Our Best Is Good Enough". We don't have to be some kind of perfect. When we are doing our best, whatever that is at anytime in our lives, it is GOOD ENOUGH".

Amanda has written a couple of books. They both quickly made their way to my list of books to read! You can check them out HERE.

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