Friday, October 15, 2010

Did you know that we live in an RV?! Can you believe we did it on purpose?! :)

At the beginning of this last summer our family decided to move out of the 3,500 sq ft. home we lived in and move into this.....


It is now October and we can't seem to move out of it. We LOVE it! We spent a summer experiencing life, having a blast and spending our time maintaining our family instead of maintaining stuff.

All of it was inspired by my friends little boy who said,

"I would rather have small house and a big life,
 than a big house and a small life..."

TRU my too cool hubby would say!

Wanna see some of the fun we have had over the last 5 months?! Check it out on the "Our Life Uncommon" link on the top tool bar!

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