Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Light INSIDE The Tunnel


A few days ago a friend of mine posted something on Facebook that lead me to find THIS blog. AMAZING! Yes, I had heard a lot of murmurings about Pres. Packers talk in General Conference, but I couldn't put into words my feelings on the matter. Then I read this and realized that NO ONE could have said it more perfectly!

Then I read down a couple of posts and came upon THIS post! I couldn't love the concept behind it more!

The blog is called Gay Mormon Guy. He talks about his struggles with same sex attraction. He inspires when he speaks of staying worthy and his faith that the Lord will help him find peace and overcome temptation. He is brave and I respect him tremendously for sharing his voice and experience.

I wanted to share part of the beautiful post he did about trials. The last sentence gets me EVERYTIME! Click the link above to read the post in its entirety.

"As time went on, instead of only praying to be free, I turned to the Lord for help in overcoming my difficulties in life. I spoke with Him about my hopes and dreams. I pled with Him about my trials. I listened as He taught me sublime truths about eternity. I recognized the sum total of my life's circumstances and asked Him to help me become the person I was meant to be. And, slowly, as I looked at my surroundings in the tunnel of despair, I began to see light. But it wasn't a pinprick of light at the end, promising that deliverance would soon be nigh. It was a softly glowing light all around me - light inside the tunnel. Inside the tunnel? Aren't tunnels always dark? And yet, in my moments of deepest despair, I saw shards of gospel symbolism in my pain. In my moments of greatest temptation, scriptures came to my mind, and the names and faces of people who needed my help... who needed me to be worthy to give a Priesthood blessing. As time continued to go on, the light grew brighter, until it was able to show me the way, warning me of dips and trenches and chasms in the path.

I'm still in that tunnel. Living with my attraction and all its accompanying facets is still hard. It's a struggle that faces me almost every single day... and this tunnel may last for a very long time. But that's ok - because I can see the light. The light of faith, hope, peace, and love is here, inside the tunnel, beside me. And it's proof that the Lord of Hosts truly has descended below all things. In the everyday battle of my life, the Lord is walking, here inside the tunnel, at my side."

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Mamarazzi said...

there is beauty in this post. i wish more people could find tolerance and compassion for ALL of God's children.

this young man impresses me VERY much. and the last sentence got me too.


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