Tuesday, October 12, 2010

{INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN} Lynne Lindstrom part 2

REMEBER my amazing Mother in Law that I posted an "Inspirational Woman" about?

Well, a day or two after the post went up we were standing in her kitchen when my Father In Law told us that she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The cancer was aggressive and we would soon discover that she carried the gene that caused the cancer cells to rapidly reproduce.

My heart stopped!

There was FAR too much! I still had so much I wanted to learn from this woman that I love and admire so very much! She is a sort of hub in the family. Everything good stems from her. We ALL love her....cherish her! She is the heart of the family.

Chemo started soon after. Aggressive. Difficult. Draining. Trying. And I am sure she could add multiple words to this list that would do more justice to what she endured...is enduring.

My sister in law said something to me one day about Chemo. She told me how Chemo has to be the most selfless thing anyone can do. Lynne chose to do Chemo, the harder route, for us. Because she loves us all so much, she was willing to give everything to keep herself alive, when I am certain, most times, the alternative seemed MUCH easier!

We have prayed, fasted and pled with the Lord to preserve her life for us.

Against all odds, a couple of months ago the masectomy was performed and an answer to our prayers was delivered. NO CANCER! She did it! She fought, we all prayed and she survived! I can't even tell you what a blessing I know we all feel that is!

She is in the middle of radiation now. She is drained and exhausted, but she is getting better all the time!
We have a celebratory cruise to go on in November, after all!

Lynne, I could never possibly piece the right words together to adequately tell you how much you mean to me! I love you so very much and count you among one of the greatest blessings to my life! You have taught me how to take my power back, to forgive all, to love myself unconditionally, to work hard to better myself, to give myself permission to be happy, to let go of the things that need letting go and to love freely! Thank you for fighting!

Thank you for YOU!


Amber said...

I agree! Aunt Lynne is amazing. I've loved her since I was a little girl and packed all my clothes up in a paper bag to run away and live with Aunt Lynne.

cindy said...

Lynne is a wonderful lady. I too have learned so much from her. She is a fighter.

Gear Gang said...


I am so happy for you all and most of all Lynne. Lynne has an amazing gift of making you feel loved and at ease when your around her.


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