Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Submitted By: Maryon Wallentine

{Loretta & Maryon July 2010}

A LONG overdue Thank You!

When I was in elementary school there was a very special woman that made a HUGE impact on my life and I didn't even know her name.  I've always just remembered her as “Luke and Laura Little’s mom.” They were a set of twins in my class.

Whenever I was around her she would tell me I was beautiful and I should be a model. I remember searching her out at school functions just so I could walk by her once or twice (or maybe more) so she could tell me how pretty I was. What girl doesn’t like to hear that? I loved it!  Even through all the awkward changes of junior high and high school, when my self-esteem was on the emotional roller coaster, I remember telling myself, “Luke and Laura Little’s mom thinks I’m pretty and could be a model.” As cheesy as it sounds, this helped me on many occasions to have a little extra confidence in myself.

Now I am a mother of two BEAUTIFUL girls. Just like my mom did, I will tell them that they are the prettiest girls in the world. (Which they really are, of course!!!) If they are anything like I was, they'll believe that I have to tell them they're pretty because I’m their mom. I hope and pray that there will be a special person in their lives, like Luke and Laura Little’s mom, that will help them discover their confidence and beauty.

How do you thank someone that has had a HUGE impact on your life and has no idea? In fact, they might not even remember who you are.  Yeah...I didn't know how either.  I have been meaning to contact her and tell her thank you for YEARS!  In fact I started a letter to her almost 4 years ago but never followed through with it.  Well, I finally did something about it while I was visiting my parents in July.  I got her number from Luke on facebook and called to see if I could stop by.  She was so excited to hear from me and that I wanted to go visit.  I had to laugh because I didn't even know her name.  She was still just "Luke & Laura Little's mom".  I took some flowers and went to visit. The first thing she said when I got out of the car was "Well, you are even more beautiful than in high school!"  I could have just hugged her right then!  We sat and visited and exchanged pictures and then I told her why I needed to stop by.  She was shocked to hear she had made such an impact on me.  She was a little concerned and asked if I had felt like I wasn't pretty.  I don't remember that but I know her kind words helped me to stand a little taller.  I even learned her name!  Doretta Little.
Doretta has inspired me to try to be that person for others. It’s an interesting experiment to complement a complete stranger, or even good friend, and watch their reaction. It’s sad to see how surprised some are to hear positive comment about them. On the other side, it’s fun to watch them stand a little taller and look more confident in themselves.  Go ahead...TRY IT!

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Gear Gang said...

What a great post.
Its funny how we are sometimes afraid to tell people how we really think or feel about them. Why is this? When holding back that information could make all the difference in the world to that person. Thank you.


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