Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where there is Hope.....

I am back from Time Out for Women! It was truly amazing! There is SO much that came up that I can't wait to share with you! The talks were amazing! The music was inspiring (MERCY RIVER IS MY NEW FAVE! I love those girlies)! It simply could not have been better!

The theme was perfectly delivered and honestly the perfect way to send a group of about 1,500 women back to their lives with their hearts lighter and hope MUCH brighter!

I will cover a few things that I felt REALLY impressed to share with you off and on over the next little while. For now I will leave you with a favorite quote......

"Where there is LIFE there is HOPE.

Where there is HOPE there is LIFE.

Where there is HOPE there is CHRIST.

Where there is CHRIST there is HOPE!"

1 comment:

Tammra said...

Which goes along with -

No Christ no peace
Know Christ know peace

It could be changed to -

No Christ no hope
Know Christ know hope


Love you.


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