Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It Takes Constant Vigilance

 I have had Motherhood on my mind quite a bit since last week.

My Nephews were good….really good! Always saying thank you and quick to follow direction. They have GOOD parents! I got a really good glimpse of that this week! I had three 10 year old boys and my 5 year old Mally. Should be easy enough. However, it seemed that needs were constant. I worked hard to keep them fed, happy and taken care of. This is no small task.

I slumped into a chair the other night thinking about how tired I was, but I am nearly finished with my busy week. It made me think how important it is to support, help and appreciate mothers. No wonder we can get so run down and feel lost from time to time!

My Mom sent me a newspaper article a couple of weeks ago. It came back to my mind this last week.

It is a "advice"column sort of an article. A woman writes in asking what it is that stay at home Moms actually do. She was child-less, but annoyed that her friends with children seem to always be busy and never have any time. She couldn't imagine how they would be more busy than she is, she works out of the home after all and stay at home Moms are home all day long. I am sure this is not the feeling of all working mothers or working women that don't have children. But the response got me thinking.

It was this.....
(you can click on these to make them bigger, if you need)

It was interesting to me to read this. That is really quite a list! However, that IS what we do! All of it. Plus more. All day. Everyday. It's no wonder we can feel overwhelmed at times, or a loss of sense of self.

I would have to say that the "loss of sense of self" part would be a huge reason for why I started this blog in the first place. I am a bit passionate about finding ways to define myself by the service I give as a Mother, instead of feeling like I lack definition because of it. That being said, that is not always the easiest thing to do, but I believe it is a choice of how we look at it. Kind of like those pictures where upon first glance it is one thing but after staring at a point for a minute your eyes shift and the picture becomes something else entirely. The picture itself didn't shift, but the way you see it did.

Be good to yourself! This work we are involved in, as mothers, is a BIG job! However, it is the BEST job. A job that brings more reward, not in trophies or medals, but in successful children, hugs, smooches and joy, than any other job can offer! It can also be the most difficult work. Which is why we should look out for each other. Seek to lift each other and help to lighten a heavy load, instead of being critical.

I would love to hear from you! What are some ideas you have for ways to lighten your load or keep from getting overwhelmed? What are things you want to be better at or things you have learned to do well?  What are the things you do to refuel yourself so you can be better at your job?

Feel free to share if you would like!


Hardy Party said...


You are a wonderful mother and it's the biggest job in the world. We love you so much!!!


jill said...

of course you are fabulous mother amy!! And I think no matter consistant or vigilant people are, some days are just hard!!

here a few things I do to keep my sanity and lighten my load...

-early bed time, 7 pm. no questions asked. I think it's crucial to have a few hours at night to unwind, and be with the hubby especially. We installed locks on the outside of our kiddos doors so they can't come wandering out every two minutes. (don't worry, we unlock them after they fall asleep :)) Some times they stay up and read stories or play with each other for an hour or 2, but atleast they are out of our hair!

- take time for yourself. Despite having a three and two year old and being 20 months pregnant, I will never be one of those moms who wears pajamas all day that looks haggered. I shower and put on my makeup first thing so I feel refreshed put together no matter what the day has to offer! I also plan regular girls nights and participate in church activities so I can get out on a regular basis...it's necessary!!!

- enjoy the stage your in. I have a couple friends who say things like "I just wish my kids were older". I have learned that there are positives and negatives to every stage of life. Focus on the positive and take the negative in stride, luckily no stage lasts forever!!

I have a lot of fabulous examples to draw from...my mom and sisters have helped me be the mom I am. I call them nearly everyday for advice!


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