Monday, August 9, 2010

SUCCESS....well, sort of

(More pics of the boys adventure on Our Life Uncommon)

Last week, as a last minute plan on our way home from Utah, I kidnapped, with full knowledge of their mothers of course, Mason & Tyler. They are 2 of Jake’s 10 yr. old cousins. Their plan for the week….FUN. My plan….give Lacy the boot from the “Favorite Aunt” Platform and plant myself firmly in her place.

Our days were filled with the Beach at Lake Alturus, the boys first experience with water skiing, rock climbing, swimming about 5 different times, park hopping, basketball, air hockey, golfing, video games, movies, outings for pizza, McD’s, roasting hotdogs, s’mores and games. I even entertained the idea of giving our Bishop some cash for gas and having him take the boys for a little ride in his airplane. Oh, my desire for the title knows no bounds! None!

I am exhausted!

Was I successful…you know, with the favorite Aunt thing?

Well, here is what Mason said…..

This is the meter and here is the top (holding his arm straight up). You are right here (at the top, YAY!), but Lacy is way past the highest level (Boo!). But that is because she gets to do a lot with us all the time. You could catch up to her if we lived closer.”

Crushed. Not surprised though. Lacy is simply amazing! ALL of the kids love her SO much!

Then I devise a plan. Manipulation….to serve my ego. Sounds like a good one, doesn’t it?!

Mason”, I say, “There are two types of favorites. There is a quantity favorite, which would mean you get to do a LOT together, and there is a quality favorite, which means you do the COOLEST things together. Don’t you think that because you got to go water skiing with me that makes me the Quality Favorite?”

He bought it. I win. I told him to be sure to explain this theory to Lacy. She would laugh. Probably mostly because she knows that she wins the all around favorite simply on action. I have to use manipulation and big words to TRICK him into it.

Now, after the most exhausting week of the summer…I am pretty sure I am going to need a good solid day veg-ing at the lake to recover. :)

Until tomorrow…..


Tuzi Salz said...

So...what would you do to win the title "Favorite Sister-in-Law"? :)

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

What DON'T I do to be the Favorite Sis in Law?! I would do anything for you Suze! :)


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