Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Window To Our World.....

You know those old window frames that are either tossed aside (GASP), only by those that don't know the value of what they are tossing, or highly coveted and too expensive to even think about buying?

Well, one day I happened into the Building Material Thrift Store in Bellevue, ID. One of the sweet spots of the Sun Valley my opinion. Many a screamin' deal has been found there, my friends! Well, while perusing the isles of said store, I happened upon a pile of old window frames...a pile that made my heart sing!

I quickly found the kind man that would soon make me a very happy crafter!

"How much for the old window frames?", I asked.
"Oh, I don't know," he replied, obviously running short on any kind of idea of just how valuable the things he had in his possession. "How about 20 bucks for all 4 of them?"

"SOLD!" He had me at $20.....then completely won me over at "all 4"!

 I brought the old dears home and then, sadly, they sat. What to do with them, I would wonder for over a year.  Putting it off for a day when I would have more time for such things as creating.
Which was ridiculous really when I consider the hour here or there that it would actually take to just sit down and DO IT! Surely I could have spared them long before I did!

However, FINALLY, on that glorious week of creativity, when my husband and oldest son were backpacking for over a week. I was left with the twins and time on my hands.

And then......

A little modge podge, some cardstock that made my heart sing, brown ink to sponge around the edges, for personality, and some beautifully coordinating ribbon and I was beside myself! I think after it was mounted on the wall I stood in front of it for an hour! I LOVE IT!  

Now what for the others?

Well, I had an idea for 2 of them, but the could I keep all of the goodness to myself?! My dear friend Kristin had a birthday just around the corner and I gave her an old window of her own.

She is a genius! She used a little modge podge and her favorite FABRIC on hers. Oh, it is BEAUTIFUL! Good Job Kristin! I really LOVED the fabric and can't wait for another project I can do the same with!

Then it was time for me to wrap up the others.....
With a huge white empty wall halfway up my stairs, it was calling for some love!
And love it got!
My initial thought was picture frames. Then I thought scrapbooking. Then more modge podge. Oh the possibilities! Then VOILA!
I love that it ended up showing the personality of our family!

They have been hanging in the same spot for almost a year and I still find myself stopping to look at the pictures! So much fun!

So, do tell! Have you done any fun crafts using old window frames or frames? I want to know! I am always on a look out for more windows and I would love some ideas for what to do next!

Plus, sharing always makes it more fun! :)

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jill said...

Darling!! We get lots of old windows like that from habitat for humanity here in washington...I of course, like to put vinyl in the windows, with pictures :)

Yours look great!

Brian and Kayla said...

Nice Amy! I'm going to have to look out for some of those...looking at your family pictures gave a little sting. Oh Dawson how we miss you. I love you Amy.

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

Ooo, I like the top one the best... We have a ReStore in Bellingham and you can get the windows for $1-2. So nice :)

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

Thanks so much you guys!

Well, I must say! I think I need a visit to WASHINGTON! Jill & Courtney, I am coming to visit! I need more windows! I just saw the cutest idea of making a GREENHOUSE out of old windows! OH MY! I can you imagine?!

Amber Coker said...

I love this idea. I made a window with the letters if our last name... coker... and est 2006 in the last frame. I have 2 more windows from the house my mom grew up in. I be doing the pics... great Idea. One ? Did u put them on the back of the window glass with modge podge so u can't change them?


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