Sunday, April 4, 2010

Healing His Heart

{Sorry about the poor quality of this pic}

These are my boys. One lives with me, the other with our Father in Heaven. He is our angel. He is around sometimes he whispers "I love you", chasing away bad dreams, laughing at our tickle wars, crying with us as we miss him so desperately, comforts us and cheers us on.

This last week has been a hard one for Jake. He is almost 10. He misses Dawson. He is trying so hard to find purpose in his leaving and comfort when it seems impossible. He was struggling quite a bit.

Did you notice "was".

This weekend is General Conference weekend. On Saturday and Sunday LDS people from all over the world will gather in their homes, churches, anywhere, to listen to be taught by Prophets, Apostles and other leaders in our church. It is powerful and spiritual.

Yesterday was different. It was more than just that. When we turned on the TV it felt as though a window opened in our home. The breeze through that window was the consuming love from our Father in Heaven. The men and women that would speak would bring to us that message through their prepared words. The spirit would then speak to our hearts. A greater desire to do good and be better was felt individually and as a family.

I noticed that Jake seemed particularly attentive. He asked me to pause (thank you DVR) the TV while he ran to his room for something.

When he came back he let me know what he was up to.

"Mom, I started a fast. I went upstairs to pray. I am fasting and praying for Heavenly Father to help me have peace about Dawson being gone and help me not feel angry at Him for taking Dawson back to Heaven."

I cried.

What else but the spirit of the Lord could have caused my boy, sitting next to his Easter basket full of candy mind you, find a private place to pray and ask His Father for much needed help and then put into action what HE needed to do by fasting. He pulled out his ore of faith and his ore of action (fasting) and started rowing hard (see the last post).
In a moment his simple faith began to truly heal his heart, through the power of the Atonement.

As a mother, I couldn't have loved our Savior and Father in Heaven more than I did at that moment. My heart has ached for Jake. I have prayed for his poor heart. The Lord answered.

Yes, there is much grief that will rise up in the future, but Jake has a personal testimony of the power of fasting and prayer and he KNOWS that the Lord hears and answers prayers. Pretty big for a 10 year old!

If you would like to watch conference online click HERE


Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

Jake's a good boy :) He knows what oars to use and when!

Ashlee Salisbury said...

Your Jake is very special, I can only imagine the bond he and Dawson have.. how awesome that Jake went and found peace and quiet where he could feel the presence of the lord and ask him to help him understand the atonement and not being angry with heavenly father for taking his bud away from him.. I pray that Jake found the peace that he needed.. your family is so so strong...

Rideout Family said...

Wow. What an amazing little man. You only hope and pray as a parent that your child will learn to rely on our Heavenly Father like that. His lesson to do so is coming at a young age. I am sure it will have a profound and lasting effect on him for the rest of his life. I am so proud of him. His amazing.

Nikki said...

Thanks for your post Amy, your family is such an inspiration....and I needed a good cry. Love you.

Norris Fam said...

What sweet boys you have...they get their sweetness from their mother!!!

Gear Gang said...

What a great kid. Its moments like those that make being a mother priceless. He is growing up to be such an excellent little person. I love you Jakers


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