Thursday, April 1, 2010

Up a Creek with Two Paddles.....

As you know our house has been filled with the weight of grief and the burden of trying to find healing. We miss our Dawson. His presence filled every space of our home and hearts. I find myself craving his "mama"s and my arms aching because of the total lack of his weight. My heart hurts.
A lot.

We are grateful for a KNOWLEDGE of Restoration of Christ's church and the message and comfort that comes with KNOWING our purpose and mission on this earth and the knowledge through teaching, testimony and now EXPERIENCE that our spirits are our Father's children. We are to return to Him. We are to live Eternally with Him, our Savior and our Families. We will have our Dawson again. We know this as sure as we know anything. He lives. He is teaching and working and comforting. He is busy.
He is happy. 

Even with all of this the grief, at times, seems consuming. The loss and hole left is palpable and overwhelming at times. The stress of trying to process the pain and loss is enough, but couple with that the heartache of watching our other children, especially our 9 year old, try to process such a heavy heartache is enough to finish my poor heart off. I answer questions, give lots of love, validate pain, teach gospel principles and then I PLEAD with our Father in Heaven to make up where I lack. To confirm His love. To comfort and strengthen our boy. 

Today I am profoundly grateful for friends that call to give pep-talks and support. They don't mind that right now I am not my usual bouncing-off-the-wall-laughing-constantly-self. They are here for me, ALWAYS and I love that! They always know just what to say to lift me up when I need it most.

What inspired me to post all of this? Another something I am profoundly grateful for today.
My Mom sent me a video that spoke peace to my soul. Then I felt strongly that this is something WE ALL need to hear! 

The video title mentions depression. The video message gives an answer that I believe can be applied to ALL of life's challenges. I TOTALLY believe that what this woman teaches is exactly the salve needed by so many women today. Her analogy of the paddles really stuck in my mind. The "study" paddle could also include so many action words that are needed in everything from depression to weightloss to financial problems to ANYTHING. Only coupled with faith and prayer will the action be successful and healing complete.  Likewise, the "faith" paddle requires the other or "action" paddle to work properly. With both you can go anywhere and do anything! 

I also absolutely LOVED the "take away our burdens" part. Jake and I will be reading that scripture tonight! 

 I want to be better at fully applying this to my own life. THEN I want to remember that the burdens we see others carrying can be lightened by our love and service.

We are so quick to judge the way others carry their burdens that we don't recognize the sacred refining process that is taking place within that person because they have a Father that LOVES them desperately and wants to lift them and help them find the DIVINITY within themselves!

I want to be better at helping in the process instead of, because of my own blind judgement, adding to the burden. Heaven knows how grateful I am for the people in my life that had made MY experience do-able! 

Alright, here is the video. Just 6ish minutes. Well WELL worth the time! Enjoy! And I would LOVE to know what you think! Feel free to leave a comment!

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Lombardo Family said...

Oh Amy, how can you know? I mean it, How can you know just the right things to post each and every time!? I think of you often my friend. I loved the analogy of the ores as well. I am certainly going in circles at times. Thank you for all your incredible strength.


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