Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun Stuff For Kids....For Moms

My wonderful friend Maryon passed on some AMAZING websites for kids. We have LOVED these sites in our house! I couldn't help but pass them on!

*Spelling City

This is an absolute FAVE! If you do nothing else, you MUST try this out! When Jake brings home his spelling list for the week I bring it straight to my computer, log in, enter the whole list, save it, and then Jake can spend his 20 min spelling time playing games with all of the words and taking quizzes online! He loves it! I love it! He has got 100% on spelling since we started this!


If you scroll down to the bottom of the page there are links to different grade levels.

*TLS Books

This is a great site for printing off worksheets. They have them up to 5th grade.

*Handwriting Worksheets

You can customize the handwriting worksheets to say whatever you want.

*Tools for Educators

This is a good site for fun worksheets or printable games.


This site links you to lots of other sites but helps you narrow down to what you want. I've had this site marked but just looked around a bit on it. There is A LOT of stuff on here!

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MyR said...

Here's another GREAT one I didn't send you before that my kids love...

It has lots of pre-reading through reading activities.


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