Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Thank you SO MUCH Jill Springer for emailing your sweet post about your Mom to be included among many wonderful women we have the opportunity to learn from! She is truly an example to many....me included!

by: Jill Springer

The woman in my life that give me the most inspiration is my own mother, Cindy.
Her unwavering faith and positive attitude make her such a great example, one I am proud to follow.
I am an observer, and always have been. I have watched my mother all my life with family, friends, and strangers…she has yet to disappoint me in her words or deeds.

One of the things I admire most about her, is her attention to small details. Though easy and insignificant to her, she probably has no idea the way she lifts other peoples day.

A few examples of this:

- I remember some of my favorite moments being when I would walk in the door from school, and she would be laying the couch reading her scriptures waiting for me to get home. We would chat about my day, and I always admired the way she truly cared about the things I had to say. That was a very simple thing for her to do, but meant the world to her teenage daughter!

- Often times at church, or other meetings, she will take notes on the different talks. She’d then send a card in the mail to the individual thanking them for the words that were spoken.

- She would often stick little love notes on a post-it or the napkin of our school lunch.

My mom has gone through a lot the last several years, dealing with terrible, constant back pain. She always amazes me with her positive outlook. Her condition could make a person bitter and angry, but my mom always puts on a happy face and deals with what life has to offer. Is it easy for her? Probably not. I have heard her say “you always have a choice…you can either be upset or happy, and frankly, it’s easier to be happy”. Even though she hurts, she never misses an opportunity to serve. She gives all she can, whenever she can, even if it’s just a kind note, or delicious plate of cookies!

The list of outstanding qualities my mom possesses could go on and on. If I could become half of the woman she is, I would consider myself lucky. It’s so nice to have a mother who makes you want to be a better wife, mom, homemaker, friend, and person in general.

 I consider myself blessed to be raised by such a wonderful woman!


cindy said...

Wow, what a sweet post! Thank you Jill and Amy--you just made my day. The real truth is, I am the lucky mother of 6 wonderful children. My life is so full of blessings. When I get discouraged I know it must be time to 'count my blessings'! Life is good.

Amber said...

Good post! I agree 100% Cindy is an amazing woman!


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