Thursday, March 25, 2010

HOW TO: An Attitude of GrAtITuDe

I know this one is long and without pictures (Gasp!) However, stick with me through this one. I want to share some priceless information that I just learned, always knew, but finally it all clicked!

You know Carol? Yeah, the unbelievably motivating woman that pops in every Monday and introduces us to yet another totally motivating piece of information about taking care of our spirits AND our bodies? Well, she is amazing! I spent a bit of time with her about a week ago. It was certainly not enough time, but it was time well spent.

Anyone that is in the presence of Carol comes away wanting to be better, to love more, and to be more grateful for life. That is how Carol is. Her attitude is infectious. Yes, she is in amazing physical shape. She is a fitness model, instructor and mentor. She knows her stuff. However, I learned a little something new about Carol, within the first few minutes of our visit....

All of her physical beauty, fitness, energy and just all of the love that oozes from her comes from her completely knowledge of who she is! She is a daughter of God. There is NO DOUBT of that in her mind. She acts accordingly. It is inspiring!

Carol and I have talked about how there is a connection between our spirits. There is. The second I met her for the first time, we both new that we had waited for that for a long time. We are great friends. Kindred spirits. Sisters. There is a mission that we are meant to perform together. All of this is only the beginning. I can't wait to see where these impressions take us!

The other day I sent Carol an email, in response to an answer she sent to a question that was asked here. Her answer seemed to speak right to me. It was exactly what I needed. I thanked her, told her that I had been struggling a bit emotionally (with the passing of my son and some other extended family health issues), and that what she said was exactly what I needed. She responded with something that was so profound to me!

For one, some of you know that I have been speaking to different groups, all over the place. Groups of women, groups of high school age kids, etc.
This is very much part of my mission right now. I am glad to do it. Love it, actually!
The general message I have felt to share.....

1) We ARE children of our Father in Heaven and his love is unconditional and consuming. He will never EVER give up on us.

 2) The Power of the Atonement in trials and

3) GRATITUDE in the face of adversity. A hard thing to find at times, I admit, but when we search for things to be grateful for, the very chemistry of who we are is changed. We become sealed to the Lord, because we know who He is and we know HE knows who WE are. Change takes place. We start to live our mission! Do what we were sent to do. FOCUS on the goal and work like mad to acheive it, because that is where JOY comes from.

Do I get that? YOU BET! I am eternally grateful for my life experiences that have made me a strong woman and reminded me of my mission and purpose as my Father's daughter!

Then Carol taught me something that felt like a missing puzzle piece being snapped into place. How to make that feeling stay? That high of knowing what I know and living accordingly because I want to more than anything.

Here was Carol's answer:

"To give you a happy boost each day try these simple suggestions of gratitude…

* Before you get out of bed think about all the gifts in your life and then Thank Heavenly Father over and over for all the blessings in your life and then kneel for your morning prayer. 

* Then throughout the day focus on all the glorious things in the world including your beautiful body and family.

* Then again at night go to bed with gratitude and give thanks for all the beautiful blessings you enjoy that day. 

Doing these simple acts of gratitude will help you get out of a rut and it will help you open your spirit more to receiving more joyful experiences."

THAT is why Carol is who she is! There is power in Gratitude. There is companionship and peace that comes with having an Attitude of Gratitude. Can you imagine the change that would take place in our lives if daily we were to focus on all the blessings in our lives, instead of the things we aren't blessed with?!

"Doing these simple acts of gratitude will help you get out of a rut and it will help you open your spirit more to receiving more joyful experiences."

How profound is that?! Isn't that what we want? More joyful experiences? It is simply a choice. We decide how we act and react. We choose if we are grateful or found wanting.

I couldn't be more grateful for my friend Jess that posted one day about her friend Carol. I couldn't be more grateful for a sweet Carol that responded to a strangers (me) email with such kindness. I am extremely grateful for a friend that loves me enough to look right past every bit of weakness and see just my best self, the Woman I can become SIMPLY by BELIEVING I am her already!

Oh the power we can have if we live with an Atttitude of Gratitude and like Carol.  If we CHOOSE to see the best in every person we come in contact with and make it our goal to make sure that person sees the exact same person we see in them!

I think my home is about to get a new accessory. There are too many great things that slip from my noggin moments after I hear them because I don't write them down! So, I am PLASTERING my home in 3 x 5 cards with messages about Gratitude to remind myself and help me develop the habit of intentionally living my life with an Attitude of Gratitude!

*Now with all the patience you can muster please continue to forgive me for not getting back to couponing and organization. We have been out of town for every week or weekend since the beginning of the year. YOUCH!

Tomorrow we head out for our last planned trip for a while. This one is for a Dr.s appt, mingled with a whole lot of fun with our dear friends in Henderson, NV.

Plan on meeting back here on Monday then. Ok?! Can't wait!


cindy said...

This is so true! Thank you Amy for the timely reminder. The 3x5 cards are a great idea. When my kids were home I had inspirational 'quotes' or thoughts by many of the light switches in our home. This was before vinyl sayings! I thought if my kids saw/read an uplifting thought they just might internalize it. Guess what--they did! It works.
A few favorites,
'Be Kinder Than Necessary'
'Everyone can afford to be generous with praise'
'Pay less attention to the problems in life and more attention to the blessings'
Never, Never, Never give up!
--winston churchill

Brian and Kayla said...

Great post Amy. I have been thinking a lot about gratitude myself. You can find a REALLY great article in the April Ensign about gratitude and its healing affects. Take a look at it if you haven't already (and if you can find the are one busy lady!) I still hope to get you to Houston at some point in time. Love you so much sis.

Norris Fam said...

I really like this...

Why does it tend to be so easy to focus on the negative? Time to stop!


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