Monday, March 15, 2010


I’m often asked how to live a healthier, happier way of life. My heart is always touched to receive emails from complete strangers reaching out for help to ease their pain in various areas of their lives. Each individual has a story or two that altered their life. From those life experiences many people feel out of control or lonely, which comfort and therapy many turned to a “friend” that is always available 24/7 to numb their emotions and feelings for a short time only to cause even more stress and frustration in the end… That so called “friend” is high calorie, fat, sugar & sodium foods.

To begin to transform your life one must ultimately learn how to love who they are unconditionally.
Most mothers and care givers are so busy helping their loved ones and associates that they fail to take care the most important person in their life and that is their self.
Embrace life to the fullest by embracing You!
Love yourself unconditionally & realize how magnificent you truly are! You can reach your goals & dreams if you believe in You! Be kind to yourself today; speak gently, think positively, love unconditionally & forgive freely. Respect your body by eating healthy foods & excercising daily. Doing so you will transform your life in miraculous ways....To live a healthy, abundant life you need to love YOU unconditionally! Being true to you will bring you more love, joy & peace into all aspects of your life. Many people ask me how to live more passionately as well as how to truly love you completely.

If you find that you always put yourself on the back burner, you'll become overwhelmed with life. You'll be more likely to turn to "comfort" foods more often and you'll be more tired and will have less than positive thoughts about your body images too. All of which creates a life of weight gain, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and many more illness due to lack of exercise & proper nutrition.

What do you love to do?
Do you take time for you each day?
Do you do what you love daily?

Living for you is a cause to celebrate! Truly! It’s so fun to live your passion. I live for my family & horses. So I make sure that I always put my family first and ride my horses often. Living my dreams is such a huge part of my life. I dream big dreams and focus daily on all of my goals regarding my fitness, happiness, spiritual as well as my relationships. It’s a beautiful experience in every way….

I am so grateful for living my life on purpose each day… I don’t always live in a positive way but I try my best to live my truth, to fulfill my magnificence and to live my life on purpose. And you can too!

Decide today to love you 120%.... Live each day with complete abundance and love for YOU!!! It’s so exciting to live in joy, abundance & complete acceptance. When you do it’s life changing… you’ll have more energy, you’ll crave healthier foods, you’ll want to move more and you’ll have a more positive energy that will put an extra bounce in your step…

What a gift to be able to love, embrace and celebrate life! I’m grateful for the opportunity to motivate & inspire those that are drawn to me…. And I’m grateful for everyone who has graciously come into my life and has touched my life… All of which are to enrich my life in various areas of my life.
So celebrate life! Live for the Now! Release yesterday and embrace tomorrow!
~Carol Whitaker

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