Thursday, February 25, 2010


 With the recent passing of our little boy we decided our little family needed a little R&R and maybe a bit of re-figureing the dynamic of our family. So.....

Lickety Split like we made plans for a trip to California with a pit stop in Vegas to stay and play with our friends, the Norris Family. Ryan had work plans with a meeting in Vegas so the kids and I headed out a few days early and soaked in the sun and lots of play time.

Yesterday we suprised the kids with the announcement of instead of making our way back home we were, in fact, going quite the opposite way. We arrived in Anaheim last night. They are so excited! The gift to them was accompanied by a letter from Dawson. It was to let Jake & Mal know that he loved them, that he was happy and that because they gave up so much to take care of him, he wanted them to go and have so much fun with Mom & Dad because now he can finally be with them while they are there! With a promise that he would be close the entire time he let them know that there would be 3 days in Disneyland, 2 in Universal Studios, 1 in Wild Animal Park & 1 Sea World, mingled with a little time at the beach. 

The kids are totally pumped! This morning we are headed to Universal! We can't wait! 

So, my reasoning for posting this is to let you know that I am taking a few days off. You won't see me here again until Monday.  Next Wednesday we will get back into the swing of things with our organization. Until then, keep applying the things we have already covered. The feedback on this has been so fun for me to read! I am glad to hear that it is making such a difference! YAY!

Until Monday....

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