Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{Inspirational Woman} XENNA BOYER by: Kayla Cook

Xenna Boyer: Unique Name, Unique Woman!
By: Kayla Cook

(Xenna and Kayla's baby boy, David)

What is it about the elderly that make us feel so secure and loved? Perhaps I am drawn to this older generation because I do not feel self-conscious, threatened, or intimidated by them. Xenna was my next door neighbor in Utah. During a very lonely year of High School I would frequent her warm, inviting home, and enjoy the companionship of her and her sewing machine.

Xenna taught me how to do a lot of really cool things. The most unique in my opinion, was her attempt to teach me how to tap dance. I couldn't believe that a woman in her eighties was about to give me tap dance lessons in her garage! Xenna also gave me quilting lessons. She taught me how to make aprons and handbags. She taught me just how thrifty I could be while sewing just about anything. She also taught me how to "net" which she claims is a dying art form. She was on a competitive softball team in her sixties. 
She truly is one of a kind.

Xenna's husband has had multiple strokes and now spends his days in an assisted living home. I'm not sure most of us understand how lonely life can be in this situation. Yet Xenna is always found smiling and she is always busy!

Her laugh is charming. If you remember Pooh Bear's laugh than you've got a good idea of what hers is like.
Xenna inspires me to be better, to stay busy, to be innovative, and to love others.  
She has taught me that it is never too late to pick up a new hobby. 
What an inspiring woman!

**Please send a picture (only if you have one) and description of a woman that inspires you to yourlifeuncommon@gmail.com. I would love to share it here! There are so many amazing people that we can all learn from. EVEN in just a few words! 

In my experience, sitting down and thinking about all the women in my life that have inspired me and helped me become a better version of myself has deepened my appreciation and love for each one of them! It has been such a great thing for me! I can't wait to get your emails and share with everyone someone that is important to YOU! 


Hector, Kimberly, Alex and Gabe said...

Hi, this is Kim (Harris). From next door in Utah. I remember Xenna too! I often frequented her doorstep also. Funny we never ran into each other. She IS an amazing woman and I miss her a lot!

Tammra said...

I am still blessed to be her next door neighbor. Just as she blessed Kayla, she is also a blessing to my daughter Rachel. Actually she is an inspiration to our whole family! I always wanted to learn how to piece quilts and she taught me! She teaches my girls how to sew and she has even had projects for Parker, my eight year old. Whenever we find something we can't fix we just say, "Let's ask Xenna. She'll know what to do."

On a recent cold, wintry night we could hear a noise outside our house. We looked out and there was Xenna taking our garbage can out to the street! We had forgotten so she just came over and did it for us. We always feel like we should be taking care of her but she often beats us to it and it ends up the other way around.

She is incredible! She is also a tremendous blessing to me, a woman who misses her own grandmother very much.

Thanks for this beautiful tribute Kayla! Thank you for posting it Amy. I wish Xenna had been our next door neighbor while you and Lisa lived at home. You would have enjoyed her so much.



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