Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fitness Guest Post: "LEARNING TO LOVE YOU!"

I am so very excited to introduce you to my dear friend Carol Whitaker. As you will see she is completely amazing and totally inspired and inspiring!

Carol is one of the most genuinely kind people I know. She is a person that truly understands what it means to LOVE unconditionally everyone she meets. She sees the best in everyone and has a real talent for helping others see the same in themselves! She lives exactly what I have come to know in the last few months.....When you KNOW who you are, and your divine role as a Child of God, confidence comes easily!

Ok, and not to state the obvious....Ok, I am going to state it.... CAROL LOOKS AMAZING! She is a mother of 3, a wife to her best friend, a friend to all and through her own experience has come to understand the blessing of taking care of our bodies. She lives a life of balance and follows her dreams with so much energy it is contagious! Oh, and did I mention she is a fitness model?! Just sayin.... 

So, with SO much excitement I can hardly contain it....Allow me to introduce a new and exciting addition to YourLifeUncommon, an entire day dedicated to Fitness and Taking care of ourselves! COMING AT YOU EVERY MONDAY! Each Monday you will get more motivation and step by step guidance from Carol! Each week she will give us a different step to work on throughout the week! How great is that?! THE GREATEST, RIGHT?! Please share this with your friends! There is so much good that will come of all of matter your current fitness level! She will teach us the WHY's & HOW's of fitness. Our VERY OWN FITNESS COACH! Amazing!

Let's get going then......


This time of year is filled with thoughts of our loved ones as Valentine ’s Day approaches. It’s a time for giving of our love and attention to those we hold most dear to our hearts. But how many of us give the ultimate Valentine’s Gift to ourselves ~ the gift of Pure Love.

I’m often asked how to live a happier, healthier way of life. My heart is always touched by the heartfelt email messages which I receive asking for my help. I’m always moved by the stories I read, my heart goes out to those that are suffering in silence over experiences that happened to them which has ultimately lowered their self esteem and love for themselves.


Living a Happy, Fit Lifestyle absolutely begins from within. Learning to love you as you are right Now is truly a gift that only you can give yourself. After all you are divinity. You are a Child of God filled with Heavenly Father’s love & light. We often forget how magnificent we truly are. We let the world cloud our spiritual eyes and allow the pure light within us dim so that only a flicker of light resides within us.

Too many women care for their family and loved ones only to forget to take time to care about themselves. If you don’t care about you “first” then how will you be able to care for others fully? You can’t… If you’re too tired to exercise each day then how will you have the energy to spend quality time with your family and loved ones? You won’t…

Discovering who you really are and allowing your heart to embrace everything about you takes time. You must believe how special you are and that You are worth it! You are spectacular! You are the most important person on earth!


Too many incredible women don’t love themselves. They look in the mirror and make derogatory statements that only hurts their body, mind and spirit; they don’t feel worthy of their own love. Many turn to “comfort” foods to hide, mask or numb their emotions and feelings, at the time it eases the pain or loneliness for a moment only to cause emotional frustrations of self sabotage in the end.


Your thoughts and feelings are your body’s indicators of how to be. If you are having horrible feelings of dislikes about your body then your body will ultimately give you more of what your heart is feeling. You literally are a spiritual being – you are a Child of God! This means that you are a creator. You create your life in all areas from health to prosperity your thoughts manifests in the world around you.

Your thoughts bring into being your reality as well as your body’s wellness. If you often have harsh thoughts about your body image then you’re most likely over weight and tired all the time. How can your precious body be anything but broken with habitual negative self talk? It can’t. But on the other hand, if you think and feel loving thoughts about your miraculous body daily then what do you think will happen? Your amazing body will begin to repair and heal itself which will then have the effect of more energy to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Your body reflects your inner feelings. How do you feel? Are you full of life or struggling to survive? Loving yourself unconditionally begins by taking time each day to love everything about you!


Begin to take control of your life today. Letting go of limiting emotions and beliefs will free you from having negative feelings.

Begin by writing down all of the experiences that have brought you pain including your body image, health, family, associates & friends. Then one by one forgive each one as well as yourself. Tell yourself that each experience was to make you stronger; they were life's lessons to help you become all that you are today. Then rip it up & throw it away - this is a form of emotional release.

Then replace those limiting thoughts and beliefs by writing down ALL of the glorious gifts in your life as well as all your beautiful body does for you each day! Give gratitude to Heavenly Father for all that you are. Thank your body for all the miraculous things it does daily; love it, speak kind words to it and see it as you want it to be as though you’ve already accomplished your fitness goals and dreams.

By releasing you'll soon find that you are happier than usual, life will seem more pleasant and filled with wonderful experiences. You'll begin to see the good in all that you are and in everyone around you.


It all comes down to taking the time to truly care and love you! Life is meant to be joyful & abundant in all areas. Practice being positive and loving everything about you daily, then at night write in a gratitude journal, write down 5 things that you were grateful for that day.

Within time you will come to understand just how glorious you truly are. You are worth your time, efforts and love. Decide today to embrace all that you are and will be. You can achieve your hearts desires by loving, believing and edifying all that you are.

Believe in You! You truly are the most important person on earth!

~Carol Whitaker


Tammra said...

Thank you Amy and thank you Carol! What a great idea and what an inspiration!!

Ashlee Salisbury said...

That is exactly what I need to do I need to LOVE my self and body image (but its oh so hard) but Iam going to do it, and I will see a difference in my outer shape.. thank you amy and carol im looking forward to the next step.

Norris Fam said...

Wow! What a great addition to a great blog. I'll look forward to the inspiration :)

Gear Gang said...

I am so excited for all the tips. Thanks so much.

Rideout Family said...

Such wonderful advice.


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