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I have wanted to start this for a while. I am so excited to get it going. This is going to be a weekly posting. Every Monday will be our "Inspirational Women" day.

There is so much to be learned from so many! This is going to be HIGHLY INTERACTIVE!

Here is what I need: Please send me an email to: Attach a picture of a woman that inspires you. It can be anyone. Family, Friend, Neighbor, Ancestor or a woman we find in our History books, etc. Whatever you can think of. Someone that inspires you to be better!  In the email I want you to tell me about her. Who is she? What is it about her that inspires you? Etc. Weekly I will pull the posts out, first come first serve (all will be posted eventually), and post the picture and your message about them. There are so SO many we all can learn from! This will be SO great! In the subject line of your email please write: "Inspirational Women: (the womans name). Please include your name within the email.

SO, to start this off I want to introduce you to a woman that I love and cherish so very much. She is my grandma....


Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen?! Oh, you should spend a little time with her. She makes me laugh all the time! She is 4'9" and every inch of her is FULL of love for her family!

My grandma has spent a lot of her life with a lot of physical pain. She tells us about it, but I don't really think we understand just how hard it is for her. In spite of the pain she loves to wander through the mall and take my Grandpa shopping and to lunch at any opportunity.

About 10 years ago my Mom called to tell me that my grandma had breast cancer. It hurt my heart. My mom was very young when she started her family so my grandma was only in her 30s when I was born. This has been such an amazing blessing for us. I remember watching her water ski and going camping with her all the time. We have a very special relationship because of the help she gave my Mom when she was single and as we were growing up. I also got to live with her and my Grandpa a couple of different times while growing up. The thought of cancer taking her from us was overwhelming. Doctors didn't give us a lot of hope. However, Grandma had one thing in mind. Her Grandkids. The thought of them being sad was enough for her to fight her way through all of the misery.
She did it! Almost 10 years completely free of cancer! What a blessing to us!

My Grandma is quite an amazing woman. For those that really know her, they know that she is kind and loving and has a very tender heart. She wants all of her family to be happy and well taken care of. She would do anything for any one of us! Two different times I called her from the hospital after our little D had been Life Flighted down for a brain surgery. I didn't have a car to get home. Her and Grandpa would be at the hospital in no time to pick me up and drive me all the way to Idaho! She called me nearly everyday for the first 2 years of the babies lives and at least once per week since then. She loved that she could help make our load lighter and I love her for that...and so much more!

If you noticed in the picture above there is a picture of another woman just off to the right of my Grandma. That is her Mother. My Great Grandma. Also a woman who has had a huge impact on my life. I was 13 when she passed away. I think about her a lot. Over the last month she has been all around me quite a bit. I have loved feeling her near! She is certainly a person I want to be just like. She was positive and happy and full of charity and love for everyone!

I am blessed to come from such a line of women!

Now, I have to say this.... My cute grandma suprised us and showed up for a visit in December. After going to church Grandma sat on my couch and fell asleep. It was just her and I in the living room. For 30 min. I sat and watched her sleep. My heart was filled with so much love for her. My heart hurt at the thought of ever living without her here with us. I know that time will come. I dread it.

One thing that caught my eye was her hands. Her sweet sweet hands. For whatever reason hands stick in my mind. I remember my Great Grandma's hands. They were covered in "age-spots". They were beautiful. I am sure that she hated those spots, but I can see them clearly in my mind. She was always serving with those hands. Teaching me how to bake pie crusts and rolls, cutting apricots under the tree and telling me stories. When I think of her I see her hands first in my mind. It is the same with my Grandma Atkinson. She hates the way arthritis has bent her little hands. It stressed her out that I wanted a picture of them, but I insisted...and won, obviously! :) I love those sweet soft hands for much the same reasons I love my Great Grandma's.

She has taught me great life lessons about honesty and love. I am so grateful for her! She is quick to tell me how much she loves me and told my little sister and I that we are her best friends....after we got her to skip down the hall at my cousins wedding. We are best friends! That makes me happy!

Now, I honestly can't wait to get your emails! I can't wait to learn from the women that inspire YOU!

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Rideout Family said...

I love your Grandma and don't even know her. That picture of her hands is beautiful. I remember my Grandma's hands too. So soft, so pretty, nails always painted a pretty shimmery white and always holding a hankerchief or a tissue. I've told you before, I wish I would of spent more time with her while she was here because now that she is gone, I wish I could just sit with her, watch her sleep like you watched your Grandma, just let her know how much I love her. What a great post Amy. I look forward to reading about all these amazing women.

Brian and Kayla said...

How did I miss this post?

I think this will be a great addition to your blog. I hope to send you an e-mail with someone in mind soon! Thanks Aim!

I miss Grandma! Sandi bought some Ivory dish soap and it reminded me of her!

Gear Gang said...

I love this woman oh so much too.

What a fantastic woman. What a fantastic idea!!!


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