Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well shoot! I lied to you! Curse me! I lied by telling you that Inspirational Women will make their way here on Monday's. AND IT IS WEDNESDAY. Which is when they will actually appear here! Monday is fitness day. How are you coming on that, by the way? I left Carols last lesson up for a week longer because WE ALL NEED TO DO IT! If you haven't done it, please do! You will love it!

Now, because you all didn't take me seriously, perhaps you thought I was kidding, I will provide another Inspirational Woman because no one else is ready to share yet. (When you are...soon I hope, email your picture and thoughts about this person to That's alright, I am patient AND grateful because today I get the opportunity to share a certain someone that is incredibly special to me.....


She is my little sister. She inspires me constantly! From the way she selflessly serves others, to the way she makes every day an adventure for her kids and on to the way she sets a goal and nothing will get in her way of accomplishing it. Especially when it comes to fitness and being active.

(Lisa and Carter, her youngest baby, after a bike ride up Provo Canyon)

Lisa is less than 2 years younger than me. Growing up...well, we didn't see eye to eye. We didn't realize the treasure we had in the friendship that could have been ours. We DID play together a lot, but we didn't truly love and value each other like we do now. Isn't it funny how it just seems to always go that way?!

What could we all learn from Lisa?

Well, I would answer that by saying that we could

If someone says "you can't" work harder to show them YOU CAN." This attitude is likely why she won the position on her Wasatch Back RAGNAR Relay team in the hardest legs of the race. Her team knows that Lisa will push through and finish well. And she will!

I am always grateful for her always reminding me of who I am and that I can do anything. Because of this, Lisa and I will run a half marathon this year. We are also putting together a team to do the Bryce Canyon Relay (Like Ragnar) Race. How great is it to have my own personal kick in the pants?! HA!

{Kaitlyn (8), Lisa, Caroline (4), Carter (1), Ryan, Bridger (6)}

I love you so much Lees! Thanks for always inspiring everyone around you to be the best they can be!


Gear Gang said...

Wow Aim!!! Thank you. You might think I am motivating, but-, um you just totally motivated me and gave me the push I need to push just a little harder.

Love you tons. thanks so much.

Lombardo Family said...

So Amy....I took Foreva writing about my sister and when I pushed send it didn't work. I was totally bummed and couldn't remember all the stuff I said about her. So, sorry that there is nothing from me in this regard. There are many influential people in my life, you being one of the most influential. Thank you thank you and thank you!

Brian and Kayla said...

I'm glad you posted the inspirational women thing. I look forward to it. I keep thinking of someone to e-mail to you. This is one of the best parts of your blog in my opinion.


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