Sunday, March 18, 2012


Yes, yes, I am missing in the internet world, as of late. However, it is all for a good cause! See, I am doing a fireside in Houston, TX this week and I decided to get the most out of it and spend an entire week with my sweet little sister and her fam!

So, while you are not reading all the thoughts that run through my little mind, think about me basking in the glorious 80 degree weather on a beach in Galveston, or wandering through the streets of Woodlands....or just simply breathing in this perfect air....I swear humid air feels like breathing in conditioner or lotion for my dry, moisture deprived lungs...and I can't get enough of it!

As soon as I head home, I will be off on a fun date with my hubby for the weekend in St. George. THEN you can have my undivided attention! :) See ya next week ya'll! :)

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Sharon said...

Well, don't blow away today, or get too rained on tomorrow! :-) Enjoy the weather now knowing we have to live with this, just HOTTER, for the next 7 months. Have fun with your family!


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