Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fishes Wishes

Have you heard about these little girls? 

This is Alice (2) and Natalie (8). They both have a very rare disease called Leaky SCIDS. It is an auto immune disorder that was threatening their lives. The only hopeful cure was a bone marrow transplant. So, over that last few months, this family has been going through the process of finding donors, going through chemo to kill the marrow in their bodies and then through the transplant process. 

Both of these girls are my friend Lisy's daughters. One of their brothers was a perfect match for Natalie and able to donate. Alice finally received a match from an anonymous stranger. Thank goodness! 

I have been amazed at the burden Tyler and Lisy have been carrying on their shoulders. 2 girls in the hospital, plus surgery for one son to be able to donate, no to mention the fact that they have a very young baby that also needed to be with Lisy. So crazy! 

This has been something they have been dealing with for so many years. However, only recently has anyone known about it. My friend Wendy has organized so much of the donations, media attention, etc, needed to help them through this process. She has been so inspirational to me. I have never seen anyone, with enough on her own plate as it is, so willingly and lovingly give every ounce of energy she had, and then some, to aid and share in the burden of someone else. She is really quite an example! 

I want to thank Lisy and Tyler for letting us share in this experience with them. I know it is hard to share your burdens and experiences with so many, but because you have my testimony of modern day miracles has grown infinitely! My testimony of the power of prayer and the reality that God hears and answers them is stronger than ever! There is no possible way to know what has happened thus far in this experience and doubt the existence of a loving Father in Heaven. So thank you! Thank you for letting us watch this experience unfold! 

If you want to see something incredibly amazing you should really read their blog! They have documented daily the things they have experienced. Videos included. 

Just over a week ago I read the blog and saw that Alices body was not "engrafting" or accepting the transplant. I feared so much for her little life. My heart ached to think of the grief that was waiting to receive Tyler, Lisy and their family. I know that grief, and I ached for them to face the same. 

We decided to hold a fast for little Alice. As this decision was made and just as the fast began, little Alice took a turn for the worst. She had a seizure and crashed totally. You can read about that night HERE. It is heart breaking! 

We were all grateful that the inspiration for the fast had come earlier that day and the fast had already begun. The next day was filled with heartbreaking fear. To be honest, I watched my phone all day worried for the phone call to come that Alice had returned to our Father in Heaven. It didn't come. Thank goodness! 

Instead their was a post that left no room for the denial of miracles. Though Alice had been incoherent, she was suddenly talking just like her cute little self. Tests were done, there were no lasting effects, or even signs that the seizure or any damage had taken place. Within hours Alice was back in her normal room, and hours after than, miraculously, engrafted! Her numbers that indicated the marrow was taking hold grew day after day. Just over a week after this terrifying accident came a post stating that Alice was going home! You have to read it and watch the video! So amazing! You can see that one HERE.

Alice has changed lives! She is a positive little girl, with a very strong spirit! Her parents just posted this about her! So profound! So inspirational! I just had to share it with you! I hope you read it! I hope I can be more like Alice with the ability to see the good in everything....even, and especially in the hardest times! 

If you would like to help the Fish family in anyway, be sure to check their blog, on one of the links above, for details! 

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