Monday, February 13, 2012


It has nearly been a month since I last posted. It has been on my mind a lot, but there has also been a sort of calm. I have felt like it would be good for me to take a break and re-focus. I guess the best way to explain the purpose of this break would be to compare it to a "Girl's Night Out" or a "Date Night". Stepping away from our norm refuels us and when we come back, we are a better version of what we were before we left.

This last month I have had my priorities on my mind a lot. I work, from home, but still it is work. My responsibilities as a mother, my desire to be a better one. My opportunity to be married to Ryan, my desire to constantly find ways to make sure he is every bit as happy as he makes me. My roles as daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, friend and all of the privileges that come when I nurture those relationships. My gratitude for the blessing of being a member of Christ's Church, once again restored to the earth, and all of the areas in my life I desire to make better so that the Lord will continue to bless me with the opportunity to share my testimony with others through this blog and the firesides about Dawson. Also, the responsibilities I have as a temple recommend holder and the opportunity I have to live so near a temple. I need to be better about regular, frequent attendance. My wish to be better and have more time to dedicate to serving others and spending much more time to give my energy to helping and spending more time with my dear grandparents. Wanting to spend more time reading and learning. Being more regular with taking better care of my health........

My list could go on and on. 

Basically I have thought about what needs to be eliminated, and what needs to shift in priority. What do I need to simplify so that my energy is better directed? There are obviously a million things all of us have that helps make sure that our plates stay full. I think there is just a bit of shifting and balance that has to take place...and sometimes sacrificing, in order to meet the most important needs in our lives.

I have re-focused and I am still in the process of making those changes. It was good to step back and get a more clear picture of my goals and the course that I am on, as opposed to where I want to be.

Is that all a little heavy? Sorry bout that! :) Just a little something on my mind, and a sort of explanation for my absence....and a promise to seek for more purpose in the things I do.


Remember that whole "3 Cookbooks in 90 Days" thing we have going on? Well, I have a ZILLION....Ok, maybe a few less than that, recipes to share with you. However, I am just going to give them to you one at a time, instead of all the recipes I used in a single meal. It is crazy how long it takes me to post some of those. I have an insane ability to take WAY too much time doing things. I don't get it. I have tried to change it, but alas....I'm still slow! :) It probably has to do with a little A.D.D. I can walk in to a Target for 2 things and 2 1/2 hours later I am walking out of the store wondering what the heck just happened and why did it take SO long?! My hubby lovingly tells me I get distracted by sparkly things. It is true. I concur.

The other side of this is the fact that in the last month my hubby's job has changed a bit and he spends a week out of town out of every three weeks. Since my children do not dote on ANYTHING I make, outside of green salad, because of their unnatural picky-ness, I do not waste my time baking up a storm on their behalf. We do a whole lot of simple while Ry is out of town, and that is OK with all of us!

Rest assured, there are A LOT of seriously delicious and totally practical meals coming your way.

Outside of the recipes, normal posts will come, not everyday, but they will be more frequent than they have been over the last month....Deal?!

NOW, I must give one mighty thank you to all of you! Some of you are newer to this blog, and some of you have been here since it was created. I have received some of the most amazing and inspiring emails from so many that have found their way here one way or another....from Australia, to Uganda, to Oregon, and everywhere in between, it has been one of my very favorite things about this blog. When else would I have the opportunity to share my life, thoughts and most importantly, my testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel  with so many all over the world?! The Internet is a spectacular thing!

I know not everyone that reads this blog agrees with everything I say, and I know that not everyone believes the same things I do, but you have all been incredibly kind and I appreciate that so much! Kind is always welcome! :)

Anywho....thanks for hanging in for my ramblings and for sticking with me through my break! :) 
You guys seriously make my life better! Thanks for that! 

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