Friday, January 13, 2012

Grateful Kids Are Happier Kids

I love when my hubby sends me great articles like this: 
(you should totally take a sec and read it, too!)

"We know that grateful kids are happier [and] more satisfied with their lives," explains Hoftra University psychology assistant professor Jeffrey Froh in an article this week in The Washington Post. "They report better relationships with friends and family, higher GPAs, less materialism, less envy and less depression, along with a desire to connect to their community and to want to give back."
That's not all. It's also believed to boost immune systems and lower blood pressure over time. In a Temple Univeristy study, patients with hypertension lowered their blood pressure just by calling a "gratitude" hotline everyday. If it's that effective on adults with health problems, imagine what announcing the good things in life at early age can do. 
In a study of early adolescents, Froh found that kids who journaled daily about their good fortune, over a period of two weeks, were less prone to depression and more satisfied with their lives overall. And that optimism and satisfaction made them more likely to take care of themselves physically in the long-term."

Gratitude is a powerful powerful thing, my friends! I am so glad I read this article! It reminds me both the importance of  putting more focus on it within my own life AND the importance of teaching my children the importance of developing an attitude of gratitude. How powerful would it be to live our lives focusing on all that we have to be grateful for, instead of all that we lack?! Of course we would be more satisfied and happy. 

This whole article has inspired me to start a new tradition in my family. Each night at family dinner we are going to go around the table and list one thing that we are grateful for that day. I will encourage the kids not to repeat, if they can help it. I hope that doing this will help all of us  become more mindful of all they have to be grateful for, and that it will help bring us closer as a family! 

Thanks for the awesome article Ry!  


Valerie said...

Great article! My 17 yr. old is really struggling with life right now, and he is VERY negative. I think we'll give this a shot! Thanks!

Suz said...

We just started to our 'graditude dude' with out two youngest sons just before bedtime. We say "let's have gratditude in our head before we go to bed". Then they list off at least three things they were thankful for that day. We don't write it down but it is so nice to have that positivity before bed. I have one boy who is naturally optimstic and happy and one who is ...well, not. I hope this guides him to a healthier outlook.


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