Friday, November 4, 2011

Gethsemane, Jesus Loves Me

Mallory has been walking around our house singing "Gethsemane, Jesus Loves Me-ee". It is the line of a song that she sings over and over in the most beautiful tune.

My kids sang this song in the primary program in our ward. This song totally stood out to me. I had never heard it. The tune was different from any other primary song I had heard. It's message is so powerful! The words are a testimony that I hope my kids learn to adopt as their own!

I found the song on YouTube so you can hear it! Enjoy!


Tammra said...

LOVE IT! These sweet primary songs and their messages have come to mean so much to me lately. I can't wait to get the music to this one.

I can just hear Mallory singing it. Priceless!

Love you,

Nikki said...

I love, love this one! I have only heard it once (our primary didn't sing this one, sad) but for a primary lesson our presidents granddaughter (5) came and sang it for us as a solo (little lisp and all) it was beautiful. Thanks for sharing the link! Nikki


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