Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fully Commited

A couple of months ago I heard such a great lesson on commitment. The teacher told about his soon to be brothers in law trying to get him to take the leap off the high dive at Lava Hot Springs. He wanted to impress them and the jump didn't look THAT treacherous. So he agreed. Once he reached the top of the 33 foot tower, his fear had fully kicked in. Looking over the edge of the tower was enough to make anyone weak in the knees.

As he thought about backing out and the way it would look for him to make his way back down the ladder, he reminded himself that he said that he would do it and not wanting to face the humiliation of backing out.....he jumped!

He talked about how up to that moment he had made a commitment, but at the moment of take off, he was committed. How do you back out half way through your descent?!

He encouraged us to view the commitments we make in our lives in the same way. He tied this whole analogy to the way we live our lives and especially the way we live our lives as Christians and as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The things we choose to do or not do each day reflect our level of commitment. Are we still peering over the edge, the promise of performance still lingering in our minds, the delivery leaving a bit to be desired?

I think in my life there are definitely a few areas where I can say yes to that question, if I am looking at it honestly. There is no halfway in commitment. There is no way of coming just short. As with the jump from the diving board, once you push off you are in it 100%!

That lesson has stuck with me. It has given me the perspective I need on how to view promises made. It has also given me a gauge to judge my actions. I can ask myself if my actions show that I am still standing on the edge or if I am fully committed. If I have not taken the leap, what do I need to do to get there?

I just love a good analogy!

I love this picture! You can see a full hearted, fearless commitment in her jump!
How great would it be if this is how we faced all of the commitments we make?!

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