Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Will The "SWITCH WITCH" Be Swooping In To Your House This Halloween?

I love the excitement of Halloween! I totally remember trying to decide what I wanted to be months in advance! On Halloween night we didn't get out our plastic pumpkins...we got our PILLOW CASES! We were raised in Utah County, for petes sake! House after house after house...all lined up for blocks and blocks of candy getting pleasure! 

When I returned home with my goods, my siblings and I would spread our treasures out on the living room floor and begin the sorting and comparing! My older brother ALWAYS had the most! I don't know how he did it! If my bag was more than 1/2 way full, his would be over 3/4 full. I always wanted to have more and year after year those dreams went unfulfilled (sniff sniff).

I WAS NOT one of those kids that would sample a piece here and there, keeping my treats as long as I could. In fact....I don't remember a single year when my candy made it past a day or two after Halloween. I'm pretty sure I have a sugar residual running permanently through my veins.  

That sugar residual is likely the reason I cringe at the thought of my kids trick or treating. Ok, maybe not the trick or treating itself. My kids LOVE that. It is the sugar rushing and crashing that makes me want to find a trick to get rid of all of their treating.


My friend Michelle introduced me to the idea of the "Switch Witch". I LOVE the Switch Witch! Here is a sort of run down on how she works.

We send our kids out to trick or treat to their hearts content. Live it up! Enjoy every last sugar coated second of it! Then when they have had all the fun they can handle, they come home, dump out and sort their candy, if they would like. THEN, they pick 5 of their VERY favorite treats! Just 5! The Switch Witch will take no less than 5 short of your entire stash!

Then the kids set out their buckets, letting the Switch Witch know that they would like to make a trade. In the morning, where there was a full bucket of candy, there is now a TOY!

Now, this isn't some go crazy sort of toy. It is amazing what will suffice! For Mallory, this year the Switch Witch will bring her a few new pet shops. For Jake, some other nick-nack, should he decide to participate. $15 each, or less, is money well spent to avoid the endless wrappers and moody children for days following the shmorgishborg.

The kids decide if they want to participate or not. As for Mallory, this year Switch Witch is as exciting as the Trick or Treating and dressing up will be! She can't wait!

If you need a little back story on the Switch Witch, Try this.......

Did you know that Witches collect candy?! They love candy more than anything else in this world, in fact, most witches won't eat anything but candy! Well, there is one witch that has more candy than all the other witches. She is called the "Switch Witch". She is the nicest witch there is. She not only collects candy, she loves to share what she gets with all of the other witches.

Each year at Halloween after all the kids all over the world have had their fun with all of the tricks and treats, they go through their candy and choose their 5 most favorite treats. 5 is important because the Switch Witch knows just how many pieces each child gets. If the child leaves their candy on their kitchen table and she sees that their are 5 less pieces of candy, she knows that this is how the child has let her know that they want to make a trade with her. She swoops in on her broom, holds open her sparkly black candy bag and fills it with all the candy collected...minus the 5 pieces of course, and in return, as a way to say thank you, she leaves the child a new toy in place of the candy!  

After all of the candy is collected, she heads home for the biggest party of the year for all witches everywhere. They dance and play games and snack on candy until they can't eat anymore. The Switch Witch divides every last piece equally among all of her friends, just enough to last until the next Halloween, when the Switch Witch will head out again to switch candy with new toys for kids all over the world! 

Have a FUN Halloween!

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