Monday, October 24, 2011

What is it "Rated"?

A few weeks ago, while at a meeting, 3 of us were discussing education and how important it is to continually seek knowledge.

A friend of mine drew the chart above for us, while we were discussing seeking out the best books, etc. Here is how it works: 

Think of a book you love.
Starting with the vertical line, place a dot where you think this book is most accurately defined. Is it something that brings you closer to God? Does it teach truth? 
Now do the same for the horizontal line. Is it excellent? Does it increase your knowledge. It is well written? Etc. 

Where does your book fit? Is it surprising to you? 

One of the books she said she had someone do was Twilight. Rate that one. Where do you think it fits? 

I found that this chart can be applied to everything in our lives. Movies, TV, Books, the way we spend our time, etc. 

Having a visual way of rating keeps me more accurate. It is a great way to keep myself in check. Without the chart I would rate a book that I was totally entertained by as being a great book. However, with the chart, I can't seem to make myself put the book above the line that would say that it brings me closer to God. It doesn't. It entertains the socks off me, but it doesn't represent a wise use of my time. I totally get reading for entertainment, but I also think that anything that isn't taking you closer to the Lord, is taking you away from Him. There is no neutral ground. 

Anyway, I wanted to share this chart with you. There are SO many good things offered to entertain us, and unfortunately it seems that their are 3 times as many not so good things. Hopefully this chart will help keep us on the right track! :)


Courtney Price said...

The saddest things in the world are the things that COULD bring us closer to the Lord, but they are so poorly executed that it doesn't work. My criteria is that it brings you closer to the Lord AND is well written... is that the left corner of the chart?

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

I agree Courtney! Yes, that is the left corner. There are things that mean well, but they are just put together poorly. I have a book that comes to mind that has the potential of meeting the top of the chart, but the execution leaves much to be desired and it makes it nearly impossible to get through. So it falls short...and to the right of the chart.

I wonder where you would place Twilight! Hahahah! Ok, no I don't! :)

Cindy said...

I have preached, yes preached to my kids for years this saying. From the 13th Article of Faith...if there is anything virteous, lovely or of good report, we seek after these things. I often asked them as they were heading out the door for an activity, 'will it pass the 13th Article Of Faith'?
Always food for thought.
Thanks Amy for a great reminder.


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