Sunday, September 25, 2011

{MESSY PARTY} Sending Summer Out With A Bang

{If you would like to see any of the images enlarged, click on them. Especially the collages! There is a lot of goodness there that you DON'T want to miss!}
A while ago my friend Brooke posted on her blog about going to a "Messy Party". Bubbles, body painting and lots of fun and then a clean up on the water slide. The idea was GENIUS to me! I LOVED the concept. I wanted to have one!

And so it started.

The ideas got bigger and messier as time went on. This Summer has been the funnest Summer we have ever had and we wanted to send it out with a bang! Pretty soon the date was set, the invitations were sent, over 75 people were on the "Going To Be There" list and we were on our way to the park with over 12 gallons of pudding, 50 pies, 20 gallons of paint, about 10 gallons of cooked spaghetti noodles & a whole lot of fun in mind!

First Stop.......Duck, Duck, Goose with a floury twist.

As the kids started coming we sat them down and had them play "Duck, Duck, Goose". The messy came in when my sister Lisa & I supplied them with a cup of water and a cup of flour to dump over the "goose's" head!

This KILLS me! This is my little brother Parker. Apparently he was nervous about the girl walking past him. He must have been SURE that she would get him, although it looks like she was just going to walk on by.

Hahaha! His worries were dead on! She made a quick turn and soaked him!

Next up.....Hands Free Chocolate Pie eating contest!

My son Jake and I make the PERFECT pair! I have ALWAYS wanted to "pie" someone in the face and he has always wanted to be pied!

We both sort of loved it.....A LOT!

As you can see....this was a TOTAL hit with all the kids!

Even Master Calvin got in on the action!

Now, on to the Battle of the Painted Spagetti!

Four 5-gallon buckets were filled with water & enough flour to make it nice and thick, then a TON of food coloring. We topped that lovely mixture off with as many Spagetti noodles as we could get our hands on. This was definately a fave of mine. You should have seen the colors flying when this mess started! AWESOME!

Oh, and where is the princess in all of this?

Well, she was about as dirty as she cared to get at the moment. See that bit of chocolate on her cheek that is causing her mild irritation? Yeah...she doesn't love messy. Never really has. Poor thing.

Now for the Slip N Slide.....
You didn't think we would use water, did you?!
Oh no! We came prepared with buckets of pudding!

Can I just say that my hubby ROCKS! He made this a blast for the kiddos! Splatting a bowl full of pudding on a head here and there and keeping the slide nice and slick. Messy is NOT his thing and he was totally behind me on this whole idea! What a guy! Man, I like him!

By now these kids were good and messy and in serious need of a hosing off! But I am pretty sure they were loving every second of it! 

And so it was time for our GRAND FINALE! Did I tell you I started dreaming really big with this whole idea? Well, I meant it! And thanks to a few connections, meaning the two guys in this picture.........

My little brother Kyle (on the right) just happens to be a Fireman/Paramedic in Pleasant Grove and my friend Brian just happens to be his Captain. So, I called them up, told them my idea and this is how they responded......

The ladder was raised 105 feet in the air. Brian was perched...and clipped in, thank you very much, and ready to give these kids about 1,000 gallons of water per minute, for as long as they could handle it!

Can I just say, the view from where I was standing, looking out over the valley was AWESOME! I can only imagine how it looked from 105 ft. above where we were! Maybe next time I will have to see if they will let me check it out! ;)

AMAZING! This was seriously the thing that pushed this party right over the edge! The kids loved every second of it!

I could not possibly thank my little brother, Brian and their team enough for entertaining the crazy thoughts in my head! They were AWESOME!

The obvious choice for a treat to top the day off (as if all the pudding and pie wasn't enough) was

Now, this is the point where Mallory thinks that she is FAR too dirty to be anywhere near comfortable (mind you, she was the least messy of all the kids that participated), so what does she do?

OH MY!  

This child of mine has NO concept of modesty. As soon as the majority of the kids were gone she figured it was over and she was out of that dirty suit and asking Aunt Lisa for a spray down, lickety split!

Luckily we found some shorts and covered up her hiney!

But Aunt Lisa couldn't get over her little "plumbers crack". Such a funny little girl with all the innocence in the world to make her think that running around naked is A-OK. We are going to have to keep work on that one!

Honestly, this was the funnest party! We all had a blast! A big thanks to all of you that helped me pull this off, especially my Ryan. He spent a lot of time raking spaghetti noodles out of that grass and cleaning up after the mess and not once did he ever curse me! In fact, he actually likes me even more, I think! He is the best! Like E V E R :) Thanks Babe!

I absolutely can't wait until next Summer! We are SO doing this again!!

{'re in, right?!}


Hannah L. Clark said...

That looks like it was so much fun!! And those last few pics totally cracked me up. Little Mallory! Sam's gonna miss her as his partner in crime during primary. Love ya!

Norris Fam said...

Sooooo sad we missed it! Plan early next year so we can schedule it in :)

Cynthia said...

Great party! And having hot firemen come at the end? Brilliant!

Just curious what you used for the slip and slide plastic? I'm planning a messy party as well. But I don't have the hookup on hot firemen!

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

Cynthia, I used a painter drop cloth. I bought it at Home Depot. Go for the thicker plastic. It worked perfect!!

Gina said...

I love this! My daughter had a Messy Party last year for her birthday and she wants another one this year! I want to do the you know about how many boxes of spaghetti it took??

Thanks much!

Kathryng said...

I have been wanting to have a messy party for a while now and came across this and absolutely love the spaghetti idea. My problem is I can't seem to get my spaghetti to look quite like yours, any advice on how you got yours to work.


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