Friday, July 1, 2011

Hunting for Headstones

We are still waiting on word to let us know that Dawson's headstone is ready. The process of actually getting one has taken us FOREVER! For one, they are CRAZY expensive. On the other hand, I couldn't make up my mind! There are so many designs, etc to choose from and we wanted it to be personal.

While we were doing a little hunting around we went to see Grandpa Hardy's and Uncle Alan & Aunt Deanna's headstones. Mally thought this was pretty exciting and wanted her picture taken with them.

Aren't you glad to know about the resurrection and that we can all be together again?! Oh I have NO IDEA how in the world I would cope without this knowledge! One this is for sure, these 3 people are loved SO much by all of us! I absolutely can't wait to see them again!

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Lombardo Family said...

So apparently it's been longer than I realized since I've checked out your blog. So beware of the many comments left by me. You are just so darn inspiring!

I really love cemetary's. Never know if that's okay to say to someone who has someone they love so much in one of them. I just love them though. I always have. I love how clean, quiet, and beautiful they are. Before I was married I would drive to any cemetary and just ponder or read my scriptures. This cemetary in your picture looks like one that I would love to walk around in and plant myself under a shade tree. Portland had some of the most beautiful cemetary's I've seen.

I'm thinking of you dear friend. As you are thinking of Dawson....I am thinking of you.


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