Thursday, June 30, 2011

To The "G"

A few weeks ago we called up Jared & Jana (Ryan's brother and his fam) and invited them to come with us to hike up the "G". Utah has this habit of putting letters on their mountains. The "G" Mountain happens to be at the top of my parents roads, where I grew up. I used to hike up a bunch of times. I do have to say, I am now convinced that mountains grow...or get steeper or something, cause SHEESH! That bugger was steeper than I ever remember it!

This was our crew. Jared & Jana, Olivia, Brady & Calvin (Tyler was home sick), Ryan, Jake, Mal & I'm behind the camera! Ryan had never made the trek. Neither had our kids. Mallory loves to hike just about more than anything else in the world. The fun part....The "G" is huge and bright white when you are looking at it from town. Ryan & Jake spent the entire hike wondering what it was made out of. There were guesses of painted rocks, etc. I didn't even give them a hint.

This was NOT what they were thinking. It never is! It always surprises that it is just a bunch of wire, sheet metal and rebar. The hike was awesome. The kids loved it and getting to the "G" was exciting for everyone.

We hung out, checked the view, had snacks, added our names to the list of names of "was here"s and then got ready to head back.

Check that view! This was actually just before the leaves were fully on. I am sure it is prettier now, but then again, it is almost 100 degrees and I am too wimpy to see for myself!

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Lombardo Family said...

Bah! I love hiking to the G.


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