Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"This Is Why I Have Come To The Earth"

A lady in our new ward spoke in Sacrament Meeting last Sunday. She spoke about some of the trials she had been going through. Anxiety had been something she had struggled with for a very long period of time.

At one point she told about a dream that she had.

She said the dream was of the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. As she walked among a lot of destruction she was looking around and found herself standing next to Christ. She began to tell him that she had not done enough. She was worried because she felt like she had fallen short of what she should have been.

She hoped that he would tell her something like, "Don't be so hard on yourself! Of course you are enough!" But he didn't. He agreed with her. He told her that she was not enough.

She felt such a powerful anguish overwhelming her. Then she said that Christ then reached out and took her in his arms and said, "This is why I have come to the Earth."

She said that the dream and the experience of her feelings through that dream helped her to have a better understanding of what the Atonement really means in her life. Through that dream she had received a total healing. When she woke up she wasn't riddled with the same anxiety and fear that she had always had before.

As I listened to her share this dream I felt so overwhelmed by the spirit. Isn't it amazing to know that we have a Savior? He loves us so very much! We will fall short. We are not enough on our own, but when we yoke ourselves to Him, through living his gospel and being true to our covenants we have made with Him, we are more than enough and we are worthy to receive all that our Father in Heaven desires to bless us with, which is all that He has!

Oh, I love this Gospel!


Baldwincrew-blog said...

Thank you so much. I feel like i'm not enough all the time and without my Savior i'm not enough. Can't wait to see Him again someday. Thanks for sharing such a great story.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this story....
so true too!


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