Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Richest Person.....

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"The Richest Person is not the One Who Has the Most, but the One Who Wants the Least."

I totally believe that. I am learning more and more that the secret to that is GRATITUDE!

When we live with gratitude we seem to want so much less. There isn't a void to fill with stuff. With gratitude everything we see in our lives is a blessing and a gift. From what we DO have to, especially, the relationships in our lives. My feeling is that Gratitude makes our lives feel fuller, no matter our situation in life.

My goal....Focus more on being totally grateful for everything I DO have in my life and forget worrying about the rest! :) Doesn't that sound like a much better idea?


Lombardo Family said...

yet again...just the right thing for me to hear/read. MwaH!

Vikki said...


Alea said...

I LOVE that quote. It is one of my new favorites. Thanks for sharing!


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