Thursday, February 24, 2011

POTW HIGHLIGHTS: Infertility, Granola & A Fab Workout

Again, another GREAT "Post of the Week"! Thank you all so much for contributing! LOVE IT!

Make sure you got HERE to see all the links that were added! SO GOOD! I mean, Rootbeer Float Cookies?! I am ON IT! Here are a few other faves.........

 I loved reading this post so much! Having experienced almost 7 years of fertility appointments, meds, tears, tears and more tears, I totally appreciated this post! Whether you have experienced problems with infertility or not, this is such a great lesson in faith! Read the full post HERE.

I am a total sucker for Granola. Especially home-made! I am TOTALLY checking this recipe out! WHAT A TREAT! While you are over at Everyday Insanity, be sure to check out all the other recipes. OH MY! So many YUMMY things! But be sure to start HERE with the granola!

3. "WOMEN IN THE GYM: Top 10 Mistakes & Recommendations for Improvement"
I totally appreciated this post! I have been working out HARD every day. I absolutely love it! I had a trainer when I lived in Idaho. In Utah, I am relying on classes and instructors to give me the help I need, you know, just to keep things inside a tight budget. I LOVE it! However, I feel like I might be working certain muscle groups too much, etc. This really helped me out! Also, I think sometimes we tend to feel a little lost in our workouts, especially at a gym. When you don't know what to do or how to do it, it is hard to get a really good workout in. AND I absolutely LOVE the idea of changing it up. I used to think I had to run or hit the treadmill everyday. Now I am everywhere from spinning, to yoga, to muscle mix, Hip Hop and much more. AWESOME! I totally think that is the secret to keeping me motivated. It is FUN! That is what it is supposed to be! Anyway, HERE you go!

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cindy said...

Thank you Amy for the shout out. That granola really is the best, I have some in the oven right now.
Enjoy your ability to exercise. Right now I can walk 20 minutes and I'm happy for that.
As with most things in life we don't fully appreciate what we have till it's gone. So many lessons to learn--so much to be grateful for.
Have a wonderful day!


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